5 Essentials for the College Girl On the Go

College is a busy time with the pressure to balance classes, extracurricular activities, jobs and homework being be incredibly stressful. Here are a few products that every collegiate on the go needs in her life to make her look ~stressless and flawless~ every day.

1. A credit card sized comb

Go-Comb has created a line of adorable combs that are the size of a credit card. They’re easy to store in your wallet or clutch! They start out at only $4.99, making them affordable even for the broke college student and they come in multiple styles!

Via Go-Comb

2. A wallet with a portable charger built in

When you are constantly running around all day, it’s difficult to find time to charge your phone. With a Chic Buds wallet, you won’t have to worry! The wallet has a charger built in and it’s compatible with all smartphones, you just have to plug in your charging cable!Via Chic Buds

3. Blotting papers

Blotting papers are perfect for removing excess oil from your skin without ruining your makeup. My personal favorites are the matte papers from NYX because they work well and are small enough to fit in your wallet, purse or backpack!Via NYX

4. A cute cover to protect your books

Finding time to read a book of your own can be a struggle when you are dealing with classes, homework and all of the other stresses of college. If you want to read on the go, I highly recommend one of these adorable book covers to help protect your precious pages from getting ruined by the contents of your bag. Leaky foundation bottle stains on a rental book are never a fun time.

Via Book Beau

5. A stain removing pen

Personally, I cannot go anywhere without managing to spill something on myself. I keep a stain removing pen in my purse so I don’t have to worry when I spill spaghetti sauce all over my top.

Via Walmart

Life is stressful, collegeiettes. Make your day a little bit better with some of these products and be the #GirlBoss I know you are… no matter how messy or disorganized.