4 Things You Couldn’t Do Before Thanksgiving

By: Mackenzie Nelson

When it comes to Christmas, we’re all ready to blast the classics and drink hot chocolate. There’s nothing we would rather do more than cozy up with best friends and binge-watch Christmas movies on Netflix. These are things we wish we could do all year long, but it always comes with a snide remark followed by some side-eye from a Thanksgiving lover.

1. Blasting Mariah Carey’s “All I Want For Christmas Is You”

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We all do it. Just accept it.

2. Going to the dollar section in Target and buying 50 pairs of fuzzy Christmas socks

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Trust me, they are a necessity for those cold winter nights.

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3. Going to the dollar section in Target (again) and getting decorations for your apartment or residence hall

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If you don't hang twinkling Christmas lights then you can’t sit with us.

4. Watching the Polar Express over and over again

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You can never watch this movie too many times, no matter what Becky says.

Now that Thanksgiving is over, you can release your inner Christmas beast and deck the halls with dope decorations.

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