4 Sneaky Hacks to Save Your Money

Disclaimer: I can neither confirm nor deny that I have done the following things.

If you ask any college student how they’re doing financially, you’ll probably get the same response from all of them:

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So, I’ve decided to share some of my ~top-secret~ hacks for saving money.

1. Get FREE Pastries

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If you don’t have a Panera Rewards account already, get one. You automatically get a FREE PASTRY for signing up.

Here’s the hack: Go to the self-serve kiosk at Panera and create a new account with a random phone number, PRAY that no one has signed up with that number and get your free pastry. Or you can always leech off of your younger siblings that have phones and use their numbers ;)

2. Score FREE products

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- Pinchme - This site has honestly been a let-down over the past few months, but the general idea is that you receive free products in exchange for reviews or a survey completion. I’ve received Orbit Gum, Biore Skincare products and over 6 free magazine subscriptions.

- BzzAgent - Fill out surveys, qualify for campaigns, receive free products and repeat!

- Influenster - Connect all of your social networks to your account, and you can get randomly chosen for “VoxBoxes”, which are boxes with have full-size products. In the past, I’ve received full-size products from Maybelline, Alba, U By Kotex and more!

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3. Extreme couponing

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These are my top websites for finding discounts or coupons:

- Groupon - On top of having great deals and coupons, Groupon also has really good deals for local events, concerts, etc.

- The Krazy Koupon Lady

- Hip 2 Save

- Passion for Savings

And these are the best Google Chrome extensions:

- Ebates - You get cash back on most purchases you make, and some stores even have double cash back.

- WikiBuy - Wikibuy automatically searches the web for coupon codes that could work with your purchase!

4. Reddit - your new BFF

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I know people think of Reddit as the place where computer geeks go to hang out, but it is SO much more than that. Let’s just say you’ll never run out of things to download. ;)

I hope these hacks help you save money that you would otherwise be spending!

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