4 Everyday Ways to Support Other Women

With all of the social and political challenges women face everyday, it is so important to be on each other’s team. Uplifting other women does not have to be a over the top or extremely public gesture, it can be subtle. Here are four things to keep in mind when supporting women in your everyday life.


Being a strong, independent woman can be hard to be sometimes, which is why motivation really matters. Be present and patient by allowing her to exchange ideas. Push her to venture out of her comfort zone and go for the opportunities that interest her. Engage in genuine and thought provoking conversation that builds her.


Unity is a important aspect of community building amongst women because society has definitely tried to pit women against each other. Take time to support other women by promoting your local woman entrepreneur’s business, participate in women’s right marches, or even donating sanitary products to a local shelter. If you have a friend who runs a small business, such as photography, make sure to support her work by paying for your photos and not expecting to get them for free. You have no idea how much this will lift her up.

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The future is definitely female, so why not have a hand at guiding the next generation of women? Mentoring gives you a chance to help another young woman find her sense of direction and establish a cherished connection. Join programs on campus or at a local school that is dedicated to building connections and communities amongst women at any age.


If you admire strong woman in your life or around you, openly appreciate them through a compliment. Don’t hesitate to tell them how you admire their ambition, their strength or comment on how awesome they are at the things they do. Take out your phone and call up your mom, text your friend or reach out to any woman you know and remind her of how great they are. Your random act of kindness will inspire them to do the same for another women in their life.

Of course, there are more detailed ways to be supportive of other women and everyone has their own interpretation of how they can motivate, support, mentor or appreciate a strong woman. It is all about ways in which you can contribute to the positivity within the female community.