10 Things All College Women Should Do in Their Free Time

Let’s face it, we’ve all had those days where we’ve been so swapped with things to do that 24 hours just were not enough. But we’ve also had those days where we cannot find a single thing to do! If you fall into the latter than here are a few ideas to keep yourself busy.

1.   Scrapbooking

Photo credit: Consumer Crafts

We always say we’re going to finish making that scrapbook for when you went on vacation 5 years ago. Cutting and gluing, glitter and stickers, all the craft necessities that will make for a perfect scrapbook.

2.   Workout

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What has it been, two or three weeks since you last workout? No more avoiding the gym. Test your endurance on the treadmill, push yourself to do 60 second planks, use those machines that you have no idea what they’re called. Sweat all the toxins in your body, we will feel much more productive after a strong workout.

3.   Read

Photo credit: Life Hack

Those books that have been collecting dust on your bookshelf are not just for decoration you know. Grab a thriller or romance and follow the characters into their adventures. Find a self-help book and learn a new skill, or even a travel book to learn more about a city you want to visit. Whatever your choice of genre may be you will gain knowledge with what you read.

4.   Bake

Photo credit: What's for Eats

No one can resist a dessert! Search online for a recipe that makes your mouth water and give it a shot. Like the double chocolate fudge cheesecake, lemon bars or even coffee cake. Once you learned to make it, you have a new skill under your belt.

5.   Music

Photo credit: Learn to Play Music

Whether you practice playing an instrument of your choice either for the first time or pick it up again, learn a song you’ve always wanted to play. Or if you cannot play an instrument then create a new playlist to listen to at the gym or in your car. Discover new music and share it with your friends as music always brings people together.

6.   Shopping

Photo credit: Dolce Norwalk

New trends arise every month so treat yourself to a new shirt or shoes, to keep with the changing fashion venue. Mix and match things in your closet and create a never before worn outfit, then wear it out. You are sure to get some compliments!

7.   Watch TV

Photo credit: BYU

Start a new series, as that will occupy any available time you have once you are sucked into a series. Start off with what everyone is watching nowadays: Game of Thrones, House of Cards, How I Met Your Mother, Suits, Stranger Things, just to name a few.

8.   DIY

Photo credit: The DIY Playbook

Pinterest is filled with do it yourself projects ranging from home décor to cutting up t-shirts. Find your niche buy searching DIY and see the endless options of project ideas.

9.   Clean

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Whether it is your car, your house, or your garden, tidying up a little will never hurt. And there is nothing better than walking into a new freshly cleaned to make you smile that everything is organized and put way.

10.   Journal

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Keep a journal. They say we only remember moments not days, so write in your journal so you can remember all the little things that happen in your life too. This way you can look back on your life, learn lessons, a laugh at yourself, and even share your memories down the road with a loved one.

Being bored is ultimately a choice. You manifest your own destiny; so do not just waste your time sitting around, go do something. Whether it is something from this list or something you have always wanted to do, just go do it. Now you can either choose to be bored or choose to live your life. The latter? Good choice!