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Ah, bras. The ultimate blessing and curse of being female. They’re the only ones to give you enough support to rival the BFF who brings you ice cream after a breakup… but your best friend doesn’t impale you with an underwire.

It’s believed an average 80% of American women (YES, 8-0) are currently wearing the wrong bra size. Considering the lingerie and shapewear market is a multi-billion dollar industry, that number seems a bit high. Women are known to go years wearing the same bra because they either haven’t been properly fitted or their body composition has changed.

Get fitted

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Just do it. You are more than likely not the same size you were your senior year of high school or even your freshman year of college. Wearing the wrong band size or cup size can not only give you an unflattering shape, it can contribute to your back and shoulder pain.

Bras stretch out

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Nobody washes them correctly (hand washed in the shower and laid out to dry), so that means the elastic has stretched and you’re probably left with a odd looking cup. If you’ve had a tried and true bra for three years, it may be time to consider a replacement.

The straps make a difference

The older I get, the more I wonder why young women are never taught about proper shapewear or underwear to wear with specific outfits. The same goes for your bra. Paring a bra that has a bright colored strap with an off the shoulder sweater can ruin your entire outfit. If you’re investing in cute, somewhat expensive clothes then make sure you have a bra to go with it. Consider investing in one with convertible straps so you can wear it several different ways.

Comfort over cuteness is key

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I refused to shop above a certain bra size until recently because it’s harder to find cute patterns over a 38C. The bigger the bra, the more neutral the colors. I finally gave in and my back has never been more thankful. Shout out to stores like Torrid and Cacique for actually selling adorable, lacey patterns!

Rotate the good ones

If you’ve managed the impossible and found “the one” or several perfect bras, be sure to rotate them frequently so they don’t get worn out. Once the wire begins to wear through, just know it’s time to let it rest in peace.

You likely spend every day in a bra, collegiettes. Make sure it’s the right one.


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