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Why I Realized I Would Rather Have Male Roommates

Maybe I’ve just been binge re-watching too many episodes of New Girl. Maybe I just fantasize too often about moving into the perfect place with my boyfriend one day. Perhaps I’m even guilty of having apartment-hunting anxiety and would rather go back to the days of living at home with all brothers. Whatever it is I am becoming more convinced that I am destined to live with guys!

Don’t get me wrong, girls are great and being able to relate to my gender on everything from cooking experiments to bathroom habits is amazing. All things considered though, I spent over three quarters of my life with permanent male roommates called siblings and it is just my comfort zone. For other girls out there who are realizing that they prefer male cohabitants, you’re not the only ones that understand the perks of living with guys.

Guys are always hungry, and will eat just about anything

So, whenever you whip up a meal for the roomies you will be met with praise and requests for seconds.

You get full control over most of the space

Most of the bathroom counter space is going to be yours simply because you have more products. Any living room decoration ideas don’t have to be compromised by four other girls’ pinterest boards. Communication might be shorter but it will be definitely be straight to the point. You will not catch passive-aggressive behavior from your bros, and they will be far less likely to sugar-coat information.

You don’t have to worry about someone borrowing your favorite clothes or getting underwear mixed up in the laundry

Everyone’s ideal roommate situation is different, and the college years help us learn what we truly do and do not want to settle into; this including living arrangements as well. The laid back environment of male roommates just simply provides a balance that some girls prefer.

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Cierra is a senior at George Mason University majoring in psychology. Other than working for Her Campus, Cierra is involved in Active Minds and is an enthusiastic sports fan. Although originally from Florida, Cierra has grown up mostly in a small town in the Shenandoah Valley. In her free time, Cierra loves finding new music, reading, writing, and trying new workouts.
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