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What It’s Like Adjusting to European Fashion

So it's safe to say that people on the other side of the pond dress differently than we do. After living in Spain for about four months now, I've come to realize that the fashion sense here is so unique and diverse. Most of us collegiettes are used to rolling into class in our favorite pair of workout leggings and comfy hoodies. I was fast to learn that dressing comfortably isn’t a thing in Spain. In fact, no matter what the occasion, people are always dressed to impress. Here are some of the top trends I've encountered during my time in Spain

1. Business causal trousers

Whether you are heading to work, school, the clubs, or shopping, Spaniards seem to all have the same style of business casual trousers. Some spice it up with flair pants, but most girls are seen wearing your typical straight leg “internship” style pants. Every store in Madrid has the same pants in different colors and variations, which doesn’t surprise me, considering it makes up a majority of Spaniards closets.

2. Over-the-top blouses

There is no such thing as a basic top in Spaniards wardrobe. Women are always adding a little extra flavor to their outfits with ruffles, flairs and boxy shaped blouses. I'm always surprised at all the different styles and colors a blouse can come in.

3. Platform shoes

Don’t forget about adding that extra height to your everyday wardrobe. Honestly, I'm not sure how Europeans walk around the city streets in platforms, because I can barley keep my balance in tennis shoes. Whether it's platform saddles, converse, or boots, it seems to be a big trend in footwear in Spain.

4. Fancy coats

No matter if you're wearing work out clothes or a fancy dress, Europeans always finish off their looks with a cute and stylish trench coat or fur jacket. This is probably my favorite European trend, and the cutest way to spice up any outfit.

What I love the most about the fashion in Spain is how expressive everyone is with the outfits they choose to rock. I was able to buy a few pieces that were out of my comfort zone and I felt so comfortable strutting the streets. The style is certainly very different than what I am used to back home, but nonetheless, I loved experiencing the fashion culture of a different city.

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