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It’s that time of the year again. Many of us are stressing about what to get for our families, friends and loved ones for this holiday season. 

It can be difficult picking out gifts, especially if you want to switch things up and not give someone similar things every year and if you want to give your loved ones something special — something they would instantly remember was from you when they look back at the gift years down the road. 

Here is a list of unique gifts you can get as holiday presents:

1. Customized wall calendar

One thing that makes a gift special is the personalized touch of a gift. Instead of just having products as gifts, you give them memories, something that reminds them of you. A great way to do that is by giving them a customized wall calendar with photos that highlights your memories with them. Shutterfly allows you to select various photos and make collages for each month on your calendar. It also lets you put in special “holidays” on the calendar such as birthdays and select different patterns and colors for each page. The calendars come in different sizes and you get to choose whichever you like. 

The quality of the calendars is amazing and I highly recommend this, not only for your significant other but also for families and friends! Shutterfly also offers different customizable products you can consider, such as photo books, prints, mugs, blankets and more. This gift will certainly bring a smile to their face and will hold a special place in their hearts!

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2. Pet merch

If your loved ones have furry friends, a cute gift for this holiday season would be pet merch! There are many big and small businesses online that do custom pet print products — socks, shirts, blankets, mugs and art prints just to name a few. This would be a nice gift for them, allowing them to express their love for their beloved pets! 

3. Journals

With COVID-19 and so many things going on, mental health and self-care are gaining more attention and more people are trying to use the extra time to get into the habit of journaling and self-reflection. However, instead of just buying a nice blank journaling notebook, get them a prompted journaling book, especially if you know they’re just getting started with it and exploring. Oftentimes, it can be hard to journal consistently. With prompts, it makes it easier to get into the habit of journaling. A great example would be the 52 Lists series. They have different versions, such as 52 lists for Happiness, 52 lists for Calm, 52 lists for Bravery and more. The design is beautiful, making it the perfect holiday gift!

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4. Small business handmade jewelry

If they like jewelry, some great gifts to give would be unique one-of-a-kind handmade jewelry from small businesses. This would be a special gift since they won’t be able to find it themselves easily. This would work especially well if you know their taste and style in jewelry, but if not, there are plenty of options that everybody would love. Some small businesses to check out include laser cut earrings from Heart Made Ear Hugs, handmade polymer clay earrings from Ginger and Trim and Glorious Day Creates

5. Fun board game or card game

With staying at home being the new norm, playing board/card games has become a fun pastime. There are so many options out there, you can easily find one the person you’re gifting would enjoy. This can also be a great way to help them decrease their screen time — something that we are all trying our best to do during the pandemic. Some good choices include Unstable Unicorns (there are even expansion packs available too!), The Settlers of Catan, and Tiny Epic Galaxies. And if you are looking for something for your significant other, you can consider getting them conversation decks, such as the Intimacy Deck and Talking Points. This would be a nice gift to give and a way to strengthen your relationship.

Collegiettes, with all these new ideas, I am sure you will be able to find gifts that would hold a special place in your loved ones’ hearts! Happy Holidays!

Marina Li

George Mason University '21

Marina is a junior at George Mason University studying Communication with a concentration in Public Relations with a minor in Marketing and Tourism & Events Management. She is a social media coordinator, content creator and event planner. She is the kind of person who would burst out singing Disney, musicals, and Christmas songs out of nowhere. In her free time, she likes to watch corgi compilations, read, watch Netflix, think about life and experience repeated existential and identity crisis. Her dream job is to work with Pixar or Disney Studios.
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