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Halloween is the time of the year where you can be anything but yourself for a night and show your creativity in any way you choose. My favorite part of October 31st is dressing up in a costume then indulging my sweet tooth cravings with the discounted candy on November 1st. The best part of wearing a costume is the ability to truly make it your own and go against the grain of the usual fan-favorites such as cats, witches and superheroes.

1. Shrimp on the Barbie

This costume not only requires creativity but also a sense of humor! All you’ll need is a Barbie shirt and a shrimp hat to complete this outfit. The best part about it is you can truly make this costume your own and add whatever unique twist you desire.

2. Morton Salt Girl

I use salt practically every day for cooking and baking purposes but never once noticed the figure on the box of Morton Plain Salt. Not only is this an easy costume to put together, but it’s so cute that it’ll make people wonder, “Why didn’t I think of that myself?” If you want this costume to be a more sexy version, all you’ll need is a tight yellow dress, white fishnet leggings, yellow heels and a small white umbrella to carry around. On HalloweenCostumes you can even purchase a purse accessory to carry instead of an umbrella that gets the message of your costume across even faster.

3. Beeyoncé

The first and only time I ever saw this costume in person, I loved it! The uniqueness of this costume channels through the creativity needed to make it understandable and stand out. The easiest way to style this costume is to wear whatever bee accessories you want such as antennas or wings and the words “YONCE” on your costume somewhere. Personally, I would create a sign saying “YONCE” and funnel string through holes in it to wear around my neck like a necklace.

4. Berries and Cream Little Lad

Although the Mars Wrigley Starburst® advertisement with this viral TikTok sound came out in 2007, it still provides joy and laughter nearly 14 years later all across social media platforms. In late September, Starburst created an on-theme costume for those who wish to dress up as the Little Lad for Halloween but only through a contest that was offered until October 7th. Therefore, the best way to recreate this costume at home is to grab a black bobbed wig, an oversized jacket with a collar and cuffs, pantaloons and high white socks. Not only will this outfit be a top hit at a costume party, but it’ll be perfect for making a TikTok with the #berriesandcream sound! 

5. Where’s Waldo?

A perfect costume that requires a low amount of effort comes from children’s puzzle books originating in England. The outfit consists of brown shoes or round boots, a white and red shirt with horizontal stripes and a matching hat with a red pompom. 

6. Ghostbusters

My favorite part about this costume is the comfortability as well as the storage it provides. It doesn’t take much to pull off this costume with the minimum requirements being a neutral-colored jumpsuit and black combat boots. Although there are inflatable backpack options to represent the “proton pack” from Ghostbusters sold online, the more practical versions provide storage for your phone, keys, drinks, etc. One of these options is a toddler version sold by Fun Costumes on Amazon for $19.99, which I prefer because the backpack isn’t as expensive or bulky compared to the adult versions.

As Halloween inches ever so closer, last-minute costume ideas such as these are not only easy to pull off but will become a fan favorite on the 31st. Have a “spooky” time this Halloweekend and be sure to stand out in the crowd with your version of uncommon Halloween costumes!

Cecile Barker

George Mason University '24

Cecile is a Marketing major with a passion for journalistic writing and graphic design. When she's not writing, she's working as a personal marketing assistant and indulging in her love for traveling, food, and self care.
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