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Top Black, Indigenous and People of Color Youtube Content Creators

Currently on YouTube, the most subscribed channel is Swedish gamer and comedian, PewDiePie, with 108,000,000 subscribers. Over the years, YouTube has become a phenomenon with multiple channel creations drawing in viewers to hear creators talk about politics or drama and more. 

Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, I have been a frequent viewer of many YouTube channels. Typically, I find myself watching channels that discuss politics or the latest trending topic that is amongst society giving their opinions. Also, I distance myself from watching celebrity YouTube channels such as rapper T.I, and boxer Mike Tyson. The reason I don't watch celebrities' YouTube channels is because they already have large platforms. They are taking a platform away from small content creators to earn quick money. They exploited YouTube much like they are exploiting online video and picture subscription service, OnlyFans. 

Down below will be a list of content creators with YouTube channels that I enjoy watching on the regular basis. All of them are African American or of color and discuss trending topics that are usually trending on the social media platform, Twitter. 

“Lovelyti TV”

Lovelyti TV is a YouTube channel run by an African American woman that goes by the name, Ti. She participates in live streams with fans discussing multiple topics for over one hour. She also creates videos discussing the latest trending topic such as Larsa Pippen's alleged new lover NBA player, Malik Beasley. When talking about it she breaks down the situation and then goes on to spread her own opinion. She usually stays away from politics for lack of interest or to stay away from offending people on the left or right. She is more of a “Switzerland” in politics. In any situation she is unbiased which is why I like her and enjoy her content. 

Currently, Lovelyti Tv has over 900,000 subscribers and has a podcast on Spotify called, “Tea Time Unfiltered With LovelyTi.” Her Instagram account name is @Lovelyti2002. 


TroyceTV, is a gossip/opinionated and documentary channel on YouTube run by a black man whose fans, including myself, call Troyce. He has multiple different topics of discussion on his channel sometimes he does small documentaries discussing why certain hit shows ended. He also does documentaries on celebrities that are no longer here such as American singer and actress, Aaliyah. He does documentaries on other topics as well, but he mainly does videos on the drama that has taken place in famous YouTubers' lives. He does commentary on celebrities or political figures as well. His most controversial videos are those titled “Unpopular Opinions” where he discusses opinions of his that might be majorly different from those in society. Sometimes he can be controversial and hit a nerve, but he is funny and stays true to himself. 

At this moment TroyceTv, has close to 500,000 subscribers and has a second channel called Destin Troyce with 167,000 subscribers. He also has a podcast on Spotify called, “Time: Out With Troyce” and has an Instagram that shares the same name as his YouTube channel @TroyceTv. 


Empressive, is a YouTube channel launched in 2014 by an African American woman named Grace. On her channel, she talks about the latest trending topics within the entertainment industry surrounding actresses or singers or more and gives her opinion on situations. She does different themes of videos such as R&B Tales when she discusses beefs within the music industry. Also, documentaries on ways in which stars, more often singers, careers have failed due to reasons that were unknown. She does other themes such as reviews of shows, awards, or more. She is extremely unbiased and very professional without profanity used within her videos. I like her videos because they are always well organized and vivid with them put together beautifully. 

As of 2020, Empressive has over 1,000,000 subscribers which she celebrated after hitting such a mark. Also, she has an Instagram that is named as @Empressivetv

“Aba & Preach” 

Aba and Preach are two male comedians based in Canada that have a reaction channel on YouTube called Aba & Preach. They react to videos or drama happening within the world and bring a sense of comedy when discussing it. They are outspoken and always see both sides without being biased and usually call out those that are biased. They tend to stay away from politics, but sometimes deep into it with serious topics such as racial injustice. 

Currently, Aba & Preach have 920,000 subscribers and have a podcast on Spotify called Aba & Preach Podcast. Also, they have a joint Instagram named @AbaNPreach and a Discord with the same title Aba & Preach.

Imani Agbionu

George Mason University '21

Imani is a senior majoring in Marketing from Washington, DC where she has lived her whole life. Her mother is American and her father is Nigerian. During free time when she is not studying she likes to read ebooks from Amazon with her favorite author right now being Bethany Kris. She also enjoys talking to people about a variety of topics focusing on politics, movies, life, or other trending subjects. As you can see, she is an introvert so streaming platforms such as Netfilx, Disney+, and more are her best friends. She loves to write about different topics as well sometimes people might agree or disagree, but that is what conversation is for! That is why she is extremely ecstatic to write for Her Campus and can possibly make new friends and people that enjoy her writing.
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