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Ever since a young age, music has always been my escape. Whether it’s to boost my mood or just provide a simple distraction from the world, I have always admired specific artists as they never fail to make me *vibe* and feel my best. If you are in desperate need of new music recommendations, below are some of my favorite artists of 2021 that have helped me through the year so far.

Ariana Grande

I have always adored Ariana since my early teenage years, but once I began college, I found a special love for her Pop/R&B music. Whenever I feel down or just want to feel good about myself, her songs never fail to instantly cheer me up. Not to mention, her vocals are amazing. 

Personally, my favorite albums are “Positions” and “Thank U, Next.”


Although Khalid has been popular for many years, I recently just began to really dive deep into his R&B/Hip Hop music. If you’re in the mood for *insane* vibes for late-night drives, I 100% recommend listening to his music. Specifically, he is a unique and talented songwriter with relatable lyrics. 

Check out his album “Suncity” here for immaculate vibes. 

Lana Del Ray

To be completely transparent, I used to not be a Lana fan as her style didn’t click with me, until I made many friends in college who were fans of her. After giving her music a second go, I instantly fell in love with her unique voice and style. Lana is another perfect artist to listen to during a late-night drive.

Personally, my all-time favorite song is “Groupie Love.”

Lil Uzi Vert

If you’re into rap music, Lil Uzi is the artist to check out first. When I first began to listen to the genre, I found Uzi’s style to be extremely catchy and upbeat. I especially love to listen to his music when working out or just to lift my mood. 

Check out his most recent album here


Another rap favorite, I adore Gunna and almost all of his songs. I find Gunna’s music to be more slowed down and simple, whereas Lil Uzi’s music is more focused on the beat. Whenever I am in need of music to do homework, I always tend to play his music to keep me focused while also vibing.

If you are in need of new songs on your playlist for whatever the occasion, I highly recommend these artists!

Kaylee Jeffries

George Mason University '23

Kaylee is a sophomore at George Mason University where she studies communications, public relations, and journalism. She enjoys writing, editing, and managing social media to reach audiences through various platforms. In her down time, you'd find her at Dunkin' Donuts grabbing an iced coffee with friends and family, watching Parks and Rec, and writing content to express herself.
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