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Things You Need To Do Before You Graduate

Now that I’m a senior and my four years of college are rapidly coming to end (someone please hand me tissues), I’ve been reminiscing on the best things I’ve done and what I still need to accomplish in my remaining time. Once graduating college, certain actions become less acceptable, so it’s best to take as much advantage of your college years as possible. So read on, and get ready to make your college bucket list!

Run through the Mason fountain. Admit it—we’ve all thought about it, especially on those brutal hot days in August and May. So why not? Pick a nice day, and go for it! I also recommend taking pictures, or no one will believe you.

Drink blue drinks. These infamous “blue drinks” become less acceptable once you’re a full-time working member of society. So enjoy it while you can. Plus, hangovers become way more difficult to deal with as you get older—just ask any senior. A fabulous one to try is the Blue Cadillac from La Tolteca.

Sleep less. Although sleep is essential to success and should be taken seriously, take the time to remember you’re only in college once. You won’t remember the nights you decided to stay in alone and catch up on sleep, but you will remember the fun nights in DC with your best friends.

Study abroad. If you have the chance, you absolutely have to travel abroad. Although it can be difficult, it was the best decision I have ever made. Not only do you explore completely new places, you learn so much about yourself. Once graduating and living in the real world, it becomes increasingly difficult to travel. Check out Mason’s awesome programs here: http://globaled.gmu.edu/programs/

Eat Jumbo Slice. I cannot emphasize how crucial this is to every Mason student. If you haven’t experienced a slice of pizza bigger than your head for only a few dollars, you are seriously missing out. They are located all over the Adams Morgan area of DC. Take advantage of your fast metabolism while you still have it.

Take a class just because you want to. It’s easy to get wrapped up in the stress of mandatory classes for every major, but remember you have little leeway room. You might never get a chance to take these classes again, so sign up! If you’ve ever wanted to experience an art class, yoga, or anything else unrelated to your future career, now is your time.

Spring break. This goes without saying that every college student needs to go on at least one crazy spring break. Popular trips of choice for Mason students include Panama City and cheap cruises. When else are you going to have the chance to lay on a beach for a week with your friends, among other fun activities?

Aulds. A true Mason college experience isn’t complete without a Thursday night at The Auld Shebeen. The craziest, and also grossest, things happen here, but they all turn into the most unforgettable nights. Survivor’s tips: don’t drink the Long Islands (they go down like water…), or go near here any other night but Thursday. You’re welcome.

Attend a themed party. Aside from Halloween, you won’t really get the opportunity to wear costumes to parties, especially ridiculous ones, after graduation. Take full advantage of every chance to wear a sombrero, devil horns, suspenders, boas, and every random object you never thought you would actually wear. In my experience, those have been my favorite nights of college. 

Instead of panicking at the thought of your college days nearing the end, focus on your favorite times, and plan out what you still want to accomplish. Make a pact with your roommates to check off everything on the list before the big day comes. But also remember: college isn’t the end–there will still be fun and games afterwards, but some things are only acceptable during these four, unforgettable years. Grab a pen and start planning! 

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