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Ever since MySpace made the world aware of what a selfie is (and Instagram sealed the deal), it’s become both a running joke and a social norm on social media. Today, there are cameras on every smart phone making photography cheap and utterly easy, so sharing our life events- including our selfies-has become a daily task. With the introduction of the front forward camera, the progression of social media and various photo apps, it was only natural that the selfie would progress too.

Whether you’re a person who’s actively using #celfie every day of the week or the person who takes Snapchat selfies as a joke, we’re all guilty of one on occasion. Personally I’m a fan of the selfie, but I know there are rules to getting it right. And since we all know it isn’t going away anytime soon, here are the do’s and don’ts of taking a selfie.


Take photos of memorable moments. When something exciting is happening to you whether you’re getting a new car, graduating from college or going on vacation, take a selfie during a special moment and share your excitement with the world!

Be aware of your background. Messy bedrooms, photo bombers and dirty bars are all things to avoid because they can instantly take a cute selfie and turn it into a really ugly photo.

Keep in mind of who your audience is. Remember to think about who your friends are on your social media sites whether it’s your best friend, coworkers or family members; if you post it, they will all see it.

Have fun with it. Taking photos that are quirky and funny are a bit more interesting than taking serious looking portraits. While posting up a selfie on a great hair day is totally acceptable, try not to be serious all the time. Check out Cara Delevigne’s instagram for inspiration, she’s a drop dead gorgeous model who takes some of the funniest looking photos around.


Trying to be someone you’re not. Whether you’re a guy trying to look super tough or a girl trying look ridiculously sexy, there’s nothing more unattractive than seeing a photo of someone trying too hard, so just be yourself.

Taking selfies multiple times a day. If you happen to be having a great week and post two or three selfies, then wait a few weeks until you post another to avoid getting a bad selfie reputation.

Taking selfies with your significant other.  Everyone knows that one couple that can’t resist taking selfies on every date they go on. While it’s great to show how happy you are in your relationship, it doesn’t have to be overdone. If you’re going to snap a selfie on a date, try to have someone take the photo instead. Or if you must go the selfie route, steer clear of PDA pictures.

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