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Rabia Choudry: Mixing Fashion and Faith

Rabia Choudry, a senior at George Mason University, started her very first blog when she was just 13 years old but deleted it out of fear that someone would find it. Flash forward to her freshman year of college and feeling much more confident in herself, Rabia decided to give blogging a try again.

She launched RAC Fashion about four years ago because, “as a Muslim woman who doesn’t wear the hijab, I wanted to show girls that you can still dress modestly and be stylish at the same time.” Her goal is to “show girls how to find modest pieces at affordable prices and how to wear trendy items in modest ways.”

Via @racfasions on Instagram

When asked about how her faith has shaped her and how she dresses she stated, “My faith has always taught me to be kind to others and to be modest, not only in the way I dress but the way I act. This means to be humble in anything I do and to be thankful for any opportunities I am given in my life. Fashion is also a huge part of my culture with all the embellished dresses and jewelry it has to offer. This really influenced the colorful side of my fashion taste because I love wearing very colorful and flowy pieces.” Via @racfasions on Instagram

She says that balancing style and modesty is a lot easier than people might think. The main way she does this is by layering different pieces together, which also offers a fun way to mix and match clothing you already have to create something entirely new! Her advice for girls who have a difficult time with this balance is to mix fitted tops with loose bottoms. She said that “this type of look really helps sinch in the waist and is very figure flattering as well. Having that balance of a tighter top and loose bottoms really helps proportion the body.”

She says that organization is the key to starting a blog of your own. She said, “It can be a bit nerve-wracking because you might just not know how to start. The main way to build up your confidence is by first making a list and writing down ideas of what you want your blog to be about and how you want it to look. This will help you visualize exactly what you want your blog to be like and will help you then get into the first steps of starting to create it.”

Her tip for the ~*perfect Instagram picture*~ is “taking most of your photos in the shade to reduce harsh lighting and only taking photos in the sun when it isn’t to bright and either just rising or setting for the day,” which she says helps you get the picture lighting and will make the photo much easier to edit later on.

Via @racfasions on Instagram

Make sure to check out Rabia’s Instagram and blog to learn more about her!

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