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Places to Shop ‘Till you Drop for Summer Clothes

Summer’s just around the corner (even though it doesn’t feel like it) and so is summer shopping! Stores have already begun to get rid of their winter clothes and restock with the light, airy and absolutely cute (and sexy) summer clothes. Here are a few places I recommend you should visit to find exactly what you want.

Amazon and Ebay

Now, these aren’t exactly stores but they’re easily accessible. Shipping for Amazon is two days if you have a Prime Membership. Ebay has two-day shipping for a lot of items as well. Online markets are catching up when it comes to fashion. They have a lot of cute clothes and normally the prices are cheaper than what you see in actual stories.

Fashion Nova

Fashion Nova has been climbing up the social ladder the past few years. Many celebrities, such as Cardi B, endorse their clothes. One thing I have found is that they’re cheap and have a variety of sizes for cute styles. Don’t be intimidated by the women in the pictures modeling the clothes. They’re all super diverse with a real representation of body types.  Via Pexels

Forever 21

Although the prices are not as cheap as going online to shop, the clothes are still stylish and cute. Normally Forever 21 can be found in a mall, so go out with a bunch of friends and shop ‘till you drop! Via Pexels


Rainbow is my personal favorite. Their clothes and accessories are so beyond cheap that it’s no joke. I recommend everyone to go here and shop. This is also a place for exploration. I found my limitations when it comes to clothes at this store.


Whenever I go to Ross, I never see people my age shopping there. I don’t know why because it’s a gem. Their clothes are cheap, and they have good quality shirts and skirts that are actually super cute. I don’t buy jeans or anything because they tend to not fit me…but everybody is different. They might fit you! Give it a try.

Via Pexels

There you have it! A few places to go shopping for your summer wardrobe.


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