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Patriot Pawsabilities: A Brand New Cat Lounge

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at George Mason University chapter.

If you’re looking for the purr-fect place to unwind from the college grind, Patriot Pawsabilities is the place to go! Patriot Pawsabilities is a new cat lounge that recently opened up in University Mall. The lounge is located on the lower level of the mall just beside the VAC Animal Hospital. The lounge offers hourly rates of $15 per person (or $13.50 if you have your Mason ID). They also have a small gift shop where you can pick up some feline-themed treasures to add to your collection.

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The lounge is furnished with several tables, chairs and sofas for you to cuddle up with some fuzzy friends and relax while you do your homework, play a board game or sip on an iced coffee. Before you go in, you’re free to pick up a drink from one of the coffee shops around University Mall or buy a bottled drink from their shop.

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They ask that you use the sanitizer they provide as soon as you go in as well as before entering the kitten room, as you exit the kitten room and before you leave. This just ensures that nothing gets spread to the cats they have roaming around for you to love on. The space features tons of things for the cats to climb in and on, everything from a gigantic cat tree built into the middle of the lounge, to wall shelves that lead to secret tunnels the cats can hide in.

Courtesy of Jordan Lear

In the kitten room, there are several little babies that definitely love the attention they get. Almost as soon as you sit down they’ll come and climb onto your lap to steal cuddles. They can be kinda sneaky though so watch your drinks if you bring one in! The older cats like to taunt the kittens through the glass when they aren’t too busy catching some much-needed catnaps.

Photo courtesy of Amanda Snead

One fellow collegiette made a comment about the cats saying: “They melted my heart and I actually forgot for a little while how much homework I have to do!” Another said, “I was never a cat person but now I am.”

Overall the lounge is a great place for people of any age (especially stressed out college students). The best thing about the lounge is that their goal is to help these cats find forever homes through adoption! Just make sure not to bring one back to your dorm or check with your landlord about their pet policy if you live off campus. So if you find one that you click with you can bring them home and have your own mini cat lounge!

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