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Passing The Password Pop Quiz

Let’s be honest: whether it’s your email, your Twitter, or your bank account, you use the same password everything.  It’s just plain hard to remember the one or two passwords that aren’t the same as the most-used one!             



I remember back in high school a guy revealed to my friend and I the email address he used for his Facebook account because he thought we would never guess his password.  Clearly, he wasn’t aware of password security.  Luckily for him, we just wanted to hack his Facebook and make him look like he was really, really into water coloring.  Mature, right? 

Anyways, we weren’t trying to steal hundreds of dollars from him, like someone could from you if you’re still using a password that is a cute combination of your favorite animal and year you were born.  You also don’t want people receiving embarrassing spam from you (which I have had a problem with recently).  We still make fun of my friend for apparently ‘claiming an egg sandwich’ on Facebook.  So protect your digital self, and keep what’s yours.

Want to know how strong your password really is? Test it here! We have to say, Intel is a pretty tough grader, but we think all of our passwords could use a little tough love! 



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