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Life During Blizzard Jonas (Told by The Office)

It’s undeniably beautiful as it falls to ground peacefully on a cold Winter day and as you look outside the crisp air seems like a dream… But oh, wait. It’s back to reality and after a couple days of Blizzard Jonas that snow we all hoped for is now a literal nightmare. You can’t get anywhere and even if you can do you really wanna go out? People are slippin’ left and right, and for the love of God why does it have to be cold?


In all honesty, even after all the mess there are really only two things in life I think never get old. One being Winter and the other being The Office. So, for this week’s Her Campus Blog we’re going to have a look back at the progression of Blizzard Jonas, as told by The Office.


Thursday: A light snow began this night, and let’s be honest when GMU said there were no classes Friday Michael Scott soon became everyone’s spirit animal (like always).


Friday: It was our first day that we started to see the full effects of Blizzard Jonas, and oh man was it a mess. But, let’s all be real here — we all know everyone was all shades of hype. Even with the snow coming down, we all knew what’s up. Or, at least for me this was how I was going around all day.



Saturday: …. It’s been a day, and the snow still hasn’t stopped. Then, every college kid’s biggest fear hit *where’s the food @ doe?* The dining halls we’re absolutely insane, and their hours were crazy (que the ramen noodles and microwave easy mac). This was most definitely the first sign that Blizzard Jonas wasn’t messing around. But hey, there weren’t any classes and the snow was still so beautiful. Plus, what’s better than getting snowed in with your best friends? So, let’s keep the air high fives going for another day of Jonas even if we’re all a little hungry!



Sunday: Alright the snow has stopped and you know what that means, it’s time to go out and play!! But, beware we all know a Dwight.


Monday: But wait something strange started happening, this can’t be real. Are we getting emails from our professors giving us work from these days? But, ay there’s really no such thing as days off in college although we all know we were begging to not see one more email with the subject line, “Make-up Work”.


Tuesday: The snow was starting to be plowed, and the weather was getting warmer. One might even say it was burnin’ up, burnin’ up for you baby. So, as the hype of the snow started to slowly drift away we got that wonderful text from GMU saying, you guessed it — there would be classes Wednesday afternoon. We all knew this was gonna happen, but it didn’t make it hurt any less.


Wednesday: Back to classes we went, and we all know what that means…

Thursday: It’s been a week since it all began. As we look back, Jonas really was pretty incredible. Although we’ll be swimming in makeup work for a while and this snow doesn’t seem to be going anywhere anytime soon, the memories we made and the fun times we had (even through all the struggle) made the start of Spring 2016 one for the record books.. So, let’s all wave goodbye to Blizzard Jonas, who always seemed to have our back even from the year 3000.


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Katherine Quigley

George Mason University

A Freshmen here at George Mason University, Katherine is an Individualized Major with a concentration in Speech Language Pathology. Along with writing for Her Campus, she is is apart of Best Buddies and the Leadership and Community Engagment LLC on campus.
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