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Leah Dwyer: Rising Artist

Léah Dwyer is a GMU senior currently studying Art & Visual Technology with a concentration in print-making. She is also pursuing a minor in art history. She spends her free time in the studio playing music over the loud speakers and getting lost in her work. She’s been featured in art shows around the country and serves as Treasurer of the GMU Print Makers Guild. Léah also does print-making on fabric and started designing her own bags. Outside of art, she loves traveling and visiting the National Zoo.

CB: How did you discover George Mason University?

LD: “I grew up near campus. Both my parents went here in the 80’s. My Uncle went here too. I like the proximity to home, especially so I can run home to get random art supplies my parents accumulated over the years.”

CB: How did you get into art?

LD: “I actually got into print making through the Dave Matthews Band tour posters. She has also done numerous artist books. Her favorite is titled “Tooth Book” and is currently on display at the University of Nebraska. She explains that it was done during her on-going pop art phase and “really captured my mood at the time.”

Her goal in art is to make it interactive.

LD: “I love to touch stuff. I want to come up with ways to make them [the books] interactive…” and “force the viewers to touch it.”

She has done one performance piece but prefers “making images that last. I can enjoy it for a lot longer.”

CB: What are your plans after college?

LD: “This is subject to change, but I’m applying to the University of Montana.”

She fell in love with the state and scenery after visiting. If not there, she plans on moving further west to Seattle because of the growing art scene.

LD: “I also plan on taking my GRE and eventually going to grad school to cover all my bases.”  Léah eventually wants to design tour posters for bands or accompany them as a touring artist.

CB: Do you have a favorite artist?

LD: “Oh gosh, probably Andy Warhol right now. I love the bright colors that are in your face.” She also notes that “I tend to gravitate towards shapes and repetition of shapes.”

After the interview, Léah showed me the print making process she does every day. Her passion was obvious as she spent nearly half an hour getting the perfect shade or blue mixed for her project.  Léah is truly talented and one day she’ll make George Mason University proud as a world-renowned artist. Be sure to check out her online portfolio.


Photos courtesy of Léah Dwyer

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