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Kristin Brierly: A Fashion Icon

Photo courtesy of Kristin Brierly

Recently, when scrolling through Facebook, I came across a GMU Crushes Facebook post I couldn’t ignore. For those who are unfamiliar with GMU Crushes, it is a Facebook page where students can anonymously submit a statement of love (more likely lust) for another Mason student.  There is a wide range of posts but this one struck me as unique:

As a journalist who covers campus’ most important news, I knew I had to find the subject of this post. After seemingly endless hours of investigation, I was able to track down Kristin Brierly to discuss her style and her passion for the widely controversial plastic shoes, Crocs. My interview with her was a spiritually enlightening experience.


How would you describe your sense of style?

KB: It’s about freedom, literally and figuratively. I am best able to express that through Crocs.


When did your passion for Crocs begin?

KB: It started at such a young age. My first pair was camouflage because I didn’t want people to see that I was wearing Crocs. I wasn’t ready. Then I realized that all the other kids in my grade weren’t wearing them because they didn’t know Crocs were cool yet and they didn’t know the revolution was about to start.

I ordered my second pair of Crocs in middle school, but this time I was ready. I didn’t want to be a closeted croc lover. I ordered baby pink converse style Crocs, meaning they had a white trim around it. This bold act was a result of my increased self-esteem. Most people don’t experience an increase in self-esteem in middle school, but once I stopped wearing mom shorts and started wearing makeup, I had a whole new self-image. It was with that confidence that I was able to wear my pink Crocs in public, and it hasn’t left me since.


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In regards to the GMU Crushes post in question, you wore a particular outfit described. What inspired this outfit?

Picture courtesy of Kristen Brierly

KB: It was the first day of fall. I wanted to wear my pumpkin shirt with the matching socks to go with it. But something was missing. That’s when I decided to put on my Crocs. Nothing pulls an outfit together like Crocs. I decided to pull up the strap up not only for security, but also because it breaks up the outfit in a classy way. You can’t really find that elegance anywhere else.


Do you think college students would benefit from owning a pair of Crocs?

KB: Definitely. Not only do they provide support, but also style. They are very durable and you can pair different jewels with different shoes to spice up your style. They are also dishwasher friendly.

I live by the quote “a croc a day keeps the doctor away.” I have never had to go to a podiatrist before and have never had any foot issues. I also wear Crocs every day. Is there a correlation? I think yes.


How have Crocs impacted your life?

Photo courtesy of Kristen Brierly

KB: They give me the confidence I need to tackle the day. They give me the comfort I need to walk all across campus, which is necessary for my demanding schedule. They provide support just as much as they express my style!


What do you have to say to Croc haters?

It’s just sad that there is still hate in the world.


Are you ever going search for your anonymous GMU crush?

No. There’s no way I would find him. Too many people could have written it.


Kristin is an inspiration to us all. She is an exemplary example that fashion shouldn’t be about what’s most trendy or expensive, but rather a reflection of who we are. So be creative. Be confident. You never know, you may inspire someone to express their love for you anonymously through the internet.


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