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Justin Bieber’s Purpose World Tour

It’s the albums that became a soundtrack to your life, the song that you’ll never forget, and the lyrics you love endlessly. It’s the singer you’ll always be the ultimate fangirl for — It’s Justin Bieber — and I got to see him with my own eyes.



In early December my wonderful mom (love you always) surprised me and my best friend in the whole entire world, Melissa, with tickets to the Purpose Tour at the Verizon Center. So, with our tickets in hand we headed to see him last Friday, April 29th. Once we got there, it finally hit. We were going to see the one, the only, Justin Bieber. As I sat in my seat talking with Melissa about all of the cute little moments that have made us Beliebers from the start I realized exactly what I was about to see. I’ve been a diehard fan since “One Time”, and I’ll never forget that moment he came on stage.



The concert was full of so many incredible moments, from Justin playing the drums to him singing a quick part of U Smile for us. But, I have to admit nothing compares to him singing Purpose for us. As all of us, whether you’re a fan, or not — Justin’s journey hasn’t been perfect (we all remember the peeing in the bucket incident), but in that moment I saw the star I fell in love with at 13 while I was dancing around my room to One Less Lonely Girl. To now, I will admit without shame, that I listened to Purpose the album for days straight. Yet, standing there hearing him sing gave a whole new meaning to the songs I’ve grown to love so much.



Justin’s music has always been heavily criticized, from Baby to Sorry, people often give fans a hard time for loving someone with song that such surface level meanings. But, Purpose as an album is different. Listen once to Life Is Worth Living and still tell me that Justin’s music doesn’t have meaning. Or, better yet Children. Justin talks about his own drive to help others, and how we as well should find our purpose. Hearing him not only sing Purpose, but talk about his journey at the concert left me inspired and isn’t that what music is all about.


So to all my fellow fangirls, never stop singing the songs louder than you should. Getting to go see the Purpose tour was one of the best moments of my 19 years on this earth so far. Not because of how hot Justin actually is in person (although, that was a plus) but because I got to sing along to the songs that have gotten me through so much with the person I’ve always loved standing on that stage in front of me. I strongly suggest if you get a chance, go and see the Purpose tour. You sure will be leaving with Bieber fever.



All photo credits go to myself, Katherine Quigley

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Katherine Quigley

George Mason University

A Freshmen here at George Mason University, Katherine is an Individualized Major with a concentration in Speech Language Pathology. Along with writing for Her Campus, she is is apart of Best Buddies and the Leadership and Community Engagment LLC on campus.
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