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Jairo Castro

Name: Jairo Castro

Expected Graduation: Fall 2014

Major/minor: Government & International politics

Hometown: Lima, Peru 

Relationship status: Taken

Any hobbies? I’m a bit of a wine connoisseur. An Argentine Charbona is my favorite! 

What are you involved with at GMU? I’m a brother of Phi Sigma Kappa…the best fraternity on earth, duh.

Favorite thing about GMU? The diversity of women. You can find anyone from any walk of life. It makes going to the JC that much better!

Your perfect girl? Big beautiful eyes, long sexy legs, long curly dark hair. Goes to the gym as much as I do. Likes to be competitive, has to be able to withstand my douchebag comments. Cannot, under any circumstances, be an airhead. She’s gotta have some brains. And lastly, she’s gotta have a nice booty, that’s key!

Who’s your celebrity crush? Katy Perry, hands down; God outdid himself with that one.

What’s something not a lot of people know about you? I wish I could’ve learned to draw/paint to become an artist. Life would’ve been so much easier.

Dream job? Lobbying firm working on Capitol Hill!

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Jordan Fontenot

George Mason University

Jordan Fontenot is a senior at George Mason University and is a Communication major with a concentration in Public Relations and a double minor in Business and Tourism and Events Management. When she's not busy with school, working at a local boutique, or writing for Her Campus, she loves to work out at the campus gyms or go shopping with her friends. Jordan is obsessed with Harry Potter, chai tea lattes, and New Girl.
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