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Insider Tips: How to Transition your Skincare Routine from Winter to Spring

Let’s be honest, winter is a time where everything seems to significantly slow down. From struggling to get out of bed because it feels like the weight of the world is on our blankets to eventually giving up on that six to 10-step skincare routine you committed to in the fall. The sudden drop in temperature outdoors, accompanied by the rapid increase of temperature indoors, makes for a slothful season with dry, flaky skin to accompany you, don’t you agree?

Fortunately, for the past two months, I have been interning at a skincare software application where I am able to get insider information on how to properly transition your skincare routine from winter to spring. So, I have gathered five insider tips to get you started on your skincare transition journey! 

1. Use lighter cleansers and moisturizers 

Because the weather is beginning to warm up, our skin tends to adjust to the change in temperature by storing more water and moisture in it. Hence, it is best to focus on keeping your skin moisturized and revitalized during these more humid months. Some of the best kinds of products to use for this would be to switch to lighter cleansers and moisturizers that make use of hyaluronic acid or are water-based.  

2. Use a gentle exfoliator 

After living through three months of dry and cold weather, exfoliation is key to getting rid of that layer of dead skin on your face. However, when exfoliating, it is important to remember that exfoliation must be done minimally and properly. Hence, you must use a gentle exfoliator rather than a harsh scrub. The best way to go forward with this is to use glycolic pads with less than 10 percent of glycolic acid and use the product on your skin not more than two times a week especially for more sensitive skin. 

3. Consider using a serum

I get it, serums can be another costly and timely addition to your skincare routine, which is why this step is completely optional. Serums are topical products that contain active ingredients that target specific skin concerns such as hyperpigmentation, signs of aging, dryness and rough skin texture. It is best to add serums to your routine during spring so that you target your skin concerns more directly as you adapt your skin to the changing season. Most serums are really easy to use and incorporate especially since they are non-comedogenic, lightweight, fast-absorbing and easy to layer under products.    

4. Up your sunscreen to at least SPF 50⁠⁠

This is self-explanatory. Because we will start to be exposed to harsh rays of sunlight during spring, using sunscreen is a must! That 30 broad-spectrum SPF you used in the winter will not do your skin justice over the spring. Using a broad-spectrum sunscreen with 50 SPF will help in maintaining not only your skin’s safety against harsh sunlight but will also prevent further hyperpigmentation and wrinkles.

5. Spring clean your beauty products! 

I cannot stress this enough. Beauty products expire, skincare products expire, your makeup brushes get extremely dirty and your skin needs some effective love and care. Aside from updating your skincare routine, another transition you must do toward spring is to throw out all beauty products that are expired and clean your makeup brushes. Unless stated on the product, it is best to throw out any makeup that is older than six months and any skincare products older than a year. By doing so, you are ensuring that the products you use on your skin are effective and will produce results. It is also important to clean your makeup brushes at least two times a month and more frequently if you use your brushes every day. 

Following these steps can help you properly transition your beauty and skincare routine to a more weather-appropriate routine to get your skin hydrated, revitalized, looking youthful and selfie-ready. Although optional to your liking, I would highly recommend you at least do the last tip and spring clean your beauty products. Now, as we enter a warmer time in our year, I hope you have some safe, COVID-friendly time under the sun and you keep your skin in its best condition!

Dominique Bernardino

George Mason University '21

Originally from the Philippines, Dominique "Niki" Bernardino is a rising junior pursuing a double degree in Public Relations and Film at George Mason University. When she isn't managing her social media internship or working as a multimedia editor, she enjoys watching sappy rom-coms, listening to k-pop, and exploring the internet.
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