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How to get out of a Creative Funk

Feeling stuck or completely out of your creative juices gets to the best of us. I promise you are not alone, and the best solution is to simply live your life. Remaining idle in your thoughts for your next big idea to hit, you will feel like so much time has passed you by. Remaining still with anything will not allow you to receive inspiration. Some of the greats’ best work comes from personal experience. This does not mean living life completely on the edge where you may find yourself in any form of danger.

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I suggest doing things that make you happy, like going on a mini adventure. I suggest going to a park with a friend and riding a bike down a trail. Being outside with the earth’s natural beauty should stimulate something amazing. With a nice breeze passing your face from your bike ride, you should be able to clear your mind and allow any thoughts to come to mind as they please. It’s important to allow yourself to just be. To just be is to not overthink but to truly live in the moment. Let’s say you approach a steep hill during your ride. You pedal and do your absolute best to reach the top. If you reach your peak or exhaustion, there is nothing wrong with getting off and walking your bike to the top. What is important during this bike ride is to complete it. Similar to your creative funk, you’re going to face challenges, yet these challenges at the end always seem to pay off and create something beautiful.

Another suggestion would be to go out to your nearest city and have a drink with people you enjoy spending time with. Take your time with your outfit; wear what makes you feel your absolute best to get you out of that funk. When you think you look good, you feel good — it’s quick math. Your travels to the city alone will spark some type of inspiration. Whether you travel by car or public transportation, take in the environment around you. People watching during your travels is always fascinating. You might see someone dancing in the street or someone with a drop-dead gorgeous outfit. Really take in your surroundings because, without a doubt, they will contribute to creativity. There’s nothing like a cute and fun happy hour with your friends. I’m sure a couple mimosas and good food will bring out a good time.


Lastly, I suggest doing some self-reflection with yourself. Think of some of your favorite TV shows, movies, or even musical artists. Go on a deep dive into the things you enjoy. This may consist of simply binge watching your favorite shows or movies to find some sort of inspiration. You have to remember that inspiration usually comes from something that is already created and then crafted in a way that makes it unique to yourself. If that means doing research on the director of your favorite film or discovering who the producer of your favorite album is, do it! You’ll never know what you might discover, and learning about the people who created some of your favorite things can leave you with so many ideas that you won’t even know where to start. 

I believe in you, collegiettes. You can do anything you set your mind to. Life is a journey, take advantage of what comes along the way.

Jalyn Green

George Mason University '22

Jalyn Green is a senior at George Mason University currently studying Communication with a minor in Film. She is a Philly native who enjoys spending time with friends, family, and dogs. She is also very passionate about music and fashion and hopes to become a creative director in the future.