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Now that midterms season is upon us in full force, there’s a chance that some of us might get some grades we aren’t quite satisfied with. With that in mind, I’d like to share a few tips I’ve used when trying to bring my grades up. 

The first tip I have is to talk to your professor. They know better than anyone what’s going to be needed to bring your grades up. Go to their office hours or maybe ask for a one-on-one meeting. Voice your concerns and let them know how committed you are to doing well in their class. Making those connections can really go a long way in letting your professor know you genuinely care and aren’t just there to check off a box. 

Next, I would suggest amending your study habits. Spending a little less time in the classes you’re doing really well in and distributing some of that time to the one you’re struggling in might help. You might also consider cutting back on the TikTok breaks and using those as a reward for when you’ve accomplished something big.

Back to the topic of rewards, set aside time to break up your studying. You can get burnt out if you spend all your time on one subject. Switch it up and work on something you’re actually excited about. And when you’re finished with all of your work you can treat yourself to something fun, like a movie night or some ice cream!

Try implementing different studying techniques. Maybe flashcards or Quizlets work for you. And maybe listening to music while you study helps you to retain information. Sometimes you just have to play around with things to find out what helps you to succeed and that’s completely okay!

Lastly, just do your best. In the end that’s really all anyone can do. It’s just a grade, something that nobody is going to care about in a few years. Don’t cause yourself to stress out over something you can’t help. If you’ve done your best that’s all that anyone can ask of you. Not making straight A’s doesn’t make you any less brilliant than you are! Keep working hard and trying your best! College is hard and nobody expects you to be perfect, try your hardest and the rest will fall into place.

Jordan Lear

George Mason University '22

Jordan is a senior at George Mason University. She's pursuing a degree in Communication with a concentration in Media Production and Criticism and a minor in Film and Media Studies. Jordan loves to hang out with her friends and try to make them laugh. She's pretty outgoing and will totally talk your ear off if you mention one of her many random obsessions.
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