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How to Balance Life

Life is just like a roller coaster. We have ups and downs which represent the good and the bad times. In college though, I feel like I am just constantly on “the drop” part of the roller coaster. It’s not easy trying to balance all that life brings with it, especially when you are in a new environment. Life can string so many things along such as friends, family, personal relationships, school work, your personal time and so many more different aspects. In order to help you regain balance back in your life, here are a few tips:

1. Plan it out

This might sound a little bit crazy, but I have literally planned out the whole semester by writing everything that is due on my planner and calendar. Then on my free days I put fun trips to go on. Doing this has helped me to get assignments done before the due date and have some free time later. Planning is the future, literally, so hop on board.

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2. Devotion

Devote certain days to doing certain things. For example, fridays are for studying, Saturdays are for hanging out with friends and Wednesdays are for yoga. Allotting certain tasks to a specific day will have you on a nice routine and keep you sane. Devote your time wisely.

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3. Pick and choose

Sometimes in life you have to pick and choose between doing work and going out with friends. About 100% of the time you will regret choosing fun over work. I know I most definitely have. School comes before fun. Try doing your work first then go have fun. It will make life flow so much easier.

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4. Make time for yourself!

If you never give yourself time to relax and be away from school and friends, you will possibly go crazy. I recently just took a day to myself watching movies and reading. While it was amazing, it was sad that it was first time this semester I had taken time to relax. Don’t forget to take care of yourself and find time to chill.

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If you are having a hard time trying to balance things in life, try some of these tips and live a more balanced life!

Olivia Reed

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