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With the excess of time we all have on our hands, it can be difficult to be productive and stay motivated when we are confined to our homes. Exploring new hobbies can be a wonderful way to keep yourself busy and find new passions. Here are some hobbies that can get you started!


I get the allure of pricking away each thought with thread and this therapeutic hobby is surprisingly easy once you get the hang of it. Anything involving thread including stitching, crocheting, knitting, etc. are great hobbies to pick up since they keep your hands and brain busy and give you a creative outlet. I adore embroidered shirts but they can be so expensive to buy stores so I will definitely be learning how to embroider some of my old t-shirts as I stay home. This is a cheap skill anyone can pick up and with so many resources online on how to learn, it’s a great beginner’s hobby.


We are all going through uncertain times and everyone is having a different experience out of it. If you don’t already, journaling is a fantastic way to stay in tune with your emotions and it provides an outlet for all your thoughts and feelings. You’ve probably heard this all before and the task can seem daunting but once you start, it is a restorative hobby that is also a form of self-care. You can find journal prompts online to get you started and the options for what you can put in your journal are endless.


This is the perfect time to see if you have a green thumb or not! With spring around the corner, gardening is a fantastic option that will keep you excited and occupied. If you have a garden space outdoors and are new to gardening, check out some easy vegetables and herbs you can nurture and grow. If you do not have an outdoor gardening space, you can still take care of some potted plants or succulents that spruce up the place and give it character but require little maintenance. You reap what you sow (literally) and gardening can be a new and fun hobby to keep you engaged for the next few months.

Creating Art

Literally anyone can create art. It is not something that requires advanced skill or expertise and is one of the most versatile hobbies. Into painting? Paint a poster to hang up in your room. Into crafts? Make friendship bracelets to give to the friends you’ve been missing. Into writing? Try out some calligraphy. The options are endless in the art world and with all the extra time we have on our hands, finding a creative outlet can be helpful.

Cooking and Baking

These are hobbies anyone can benefit from- we all gotta eat right? With the going out to restaurants option currently on hold, now is a good time to experiment in the kitchen. If you are new to cooking, start with simple recipes such as pasta or sandwiches and then explore more of your favorite cuisines online. Baking is a completely different world but equally satisfying. Try to bake some cookies you were craving or some banana bread to snack on with your coffee. The choices are completely endless and they are perfectly satisfying hobbies to pursue.

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