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Is He Really that Into You?

It’s no secret that guys can be the most frustrating and confusing creatures on the planet and if you are anything like me, you probably have a hard time figuring them out. They can also be very straightforward with their intentions….or they may not be. Have no fear, because, here are 5 tips to tell if the guy you are crushing on, just might be crushing on you back!.

1. He opens up to you.


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Don’t let these guys fool you. They do have a sensitive side, in fact, they can be just as, if not more sensitive than women, they just like to pretend that they aren’t because it’s not “cool”. When he starts to share personal details about himself with you, it means that he can trust you and he is comfortable enough around you to want to share more with you. Yes, the physical connection and overall chemistry are important, but when you form a deep, emotional bond with a guy FIRST, there is potential for that connection to last a long time.

2. He shows interest in the things you like.

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This right here is probably one of the most for sure signs he likes you. No one wants someone who shows no interest in what they do. If you volunteer at a homeless shelter during the weekends every day for the past three years and he says how passionate you are about helping others, best believe he will be volunteering at that homeless shelter with you every weekend for the next three years (we hope).Or, if you write a blog, and he sees the passion and dedication you have to your content, he will be giving his input and helping you with ideas. In short, if he truly is into you, he is going to want to be part of the things that mean the most to you.

3. You’re yourself and he’s still there.

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As time goes on with you and your potential new man, you are going to begin to share personal things about yourself as well; for instance, how your home life is a mess, or your burns from past relationships. Instead of changing the subject, he is going to talk about how he has experienced the same things and incorporate how your life can intertwine with his. If he does this, oh hunny, he is really thinking about how you two could work.

4. You have full access to him.

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When you’re only hearing from him sporadically every so often, that is a BIG red flag that you may need to address. When a guy is really into you, he is going to make time for you, regardless of what he is doing and he will constantly want to talk to you, and pick up the phone to do just that, no matter what time of day.

5. He mentions what he likes about you.

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Having shared interests, morals and values with the person that you’re attracted to can be a major factors to a long lasting relationship, especially when you find those characteristics in the person that you want and you realize you can’t get them from anyone else. He is going to tell you that he loves your loving, warm and nurturing personality, (In my case my crude sense of humor and dark, twisty personality) or your ability to have an intellectual conversation and then hang out and play the game with him. Either way, you best believe he has found something in you and he is going to tell you about it, maybe even that he cannot get enough of you.

Hopefully by now you can finally have some clarity on some of the things he’s doing that can confirm that he likes you and he wants your relationship to be serious. However, watch his actions, they will speak volumes louder than his words will and then from there you can take the steps to decide how much time and effort you want to put into the relationship going forward!


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