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HC Back-to-School Survival Kit


Us at Her Campus George Mason were ecstatic to receive our back-to-school survival kit from the Her Campus headquarters! Our kit was filled with goodies that have definitely come in handy these first few weeks of school.

Along with a bunch of Her Campus swag, like sunglasses, a drawstring gym packpack and a clipboard, there were snacks that are perfect for those late night study sessions. The kit came with two Neuro Sonic drinks, which we are obsessed with. They give you the perfect amount of energy without giving you the jitters. We also received several mini Luna Bars in the delicious S’mores flavor. If you ever find yourself pulling an all-nighter, we definitely recommend these snacks to give you some sustainable energy!

We also received several Poppin mini notebooks, which are just the right size to keep in your purse or school bag. These handy notebooks are perfect for writing down reminders or making grocery lists, or even brainstorming new article ideas. We’re also loving the Poppin gel pens in neon orange because they spice up our usual blue or black ink pen game.

One of our favorite parts of the kit is the Procrastination Audrey sticker and the Her Campus window decal. We love representing Her Campus, and actually had to flip a coin to see who got which sticker.

We want to give a huge thanks to Her Campus, Poppin, Drink Neuro, and Luna Bars for this awesome back-to-school survival kit!

This is a sponsored feature. All opinions are 100% our own.

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Jordan Fontenot

George Mason University

Jordan Fontenot is a senior at George Mason University and is a Communication major with a concentration in Public Relations and a double minor in Business and Tourism and Events Management. When she's not busy with school, working at a local boutique, or writing for Her Campus, she loves to work out at the campus gyms or go shopping with her friends. Jordan is obsessed with Harry Potter, chai tea lattes, and New Girl.
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