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Harry Styles performing at the 2021 Grammy Awards
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Harry Styles Has the Most Fashionable Fandom

Harry Styles’ 2021 ‘Love on Tour’ is in full swing as it surpasses the halfway mark of the nationwide tour spanning all throughout the US. With queues that sometimes begin even more than one day before the show, fans are showing up and showing out for one of the “best-dressed musicians in the world,” as described by GQ

Styles and his band wear custom Gucci tailored outfits every night for their shows, hand-selected by Styles’ personal stylist Harry Lambert and designed by Gucci’s Creative Director Alessandro Michele. Heavily influenced by vintage 70s fashion and the 80s rock era of fashion, the looks include stylish mementos of fringe, tailored tops and pants, leather boots, and funky textiles/designs. 

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Fans alike show up with the same fashion-forwardness as Styles and his band, starting their own Twitter account of what they wore to their HSLOT show. Because of the band and Harry’s outlook of being their true authentic selves at their shows, many fans find them to be the perfect opportunity to present themselves as whoever they are, taking notes from “Lights up” lyrics: Do you know who you are?

Styles’ shows have been coined as the Met Gala for Harry Styles fans as fans come in vintage clothing, new trends, and even silly costumes rooting from inside jokes from within the fandom or even from past shows. As for Styles’ looks, fans anticipate his outfit every night, awaiting what bold accent he may try out next. 

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The uniqueness of this fandom and their fashion is that these are everyday people, some being in the fandom for a while and others who recently joined, that feel so comfortable to be whatever and/or whoever they are. They come as they are and are accepted and celebrated for it. Some come in silk, or jeans, sometimes statement piece booties, the fans also bring the style into their shows as they dress for the occasion and celebration. 

Within the fandom, it is understood that kindness is a key and crucial component in becoming a fan of Harry, and within that is encouraging others to do what makes them most happy and accepting them for who they are.

Through his fashion and music, Harry has made one thing clear: Treat people with kindness.

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