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Ranking Harry Styles’ Love on Tour Outfits Stops 1 – 9

Harry Styles is back on tour again, touring his second album, Fine Line, on the “Love on Tour” Tour. So far, he’s been to nine different cities: Las Vegas, Denver, San Antonio, Dallas, St. Louis, Philadelphia, DC, Detroit, and St. Paul, and every night has been a different outfit. Here’s my personal ranking of Styles’ Love on Tour outfits.

  1. Denver – While Styles’ can pull off anything, this one was not one of my personal favorites. In my opinion, it was giving, very much, Miranda Sings.
  2. Philadelphia – I love the incorporation of the Fine Line colors. I just can’t help but think that he looks like cotton candy (nothing against cotton candy, though: that’s one of my favorite flavors of ice cream).
  3.  Dallas – This outfit wasn’t necessarily bad, but I feel like it was a little bland, and he could’ve done better. Nonetheless, I am here for Cowboy Harry.
  4. Detroit – I think he’s cute, but I’m not a fan of the pants.
  5. San Antonio – The shirt is beautiful, but I think the beige pants aren’t doing it for me.
  6. St. Paul – With blue being one of my favorite colors, I may be a little biased with this one, but I am absolutely obsessed. I hope to see Styles in blue more on this tour.
  7. Washington, DC – Can we just take a second to appreciate the beautiful design of the shirt? After back to back shows of wearing the same shirt and pants, just in different colors, I loved to see his wardrobe spiced up with this kind of shirt. And the whole lavender look is just *chefs kiss*.
  8.  Las Vegas – I have two words. Thank you, Harry Lambert. The pink is everything, and I can confidently say I’m jealous of everyone who was at that show.
  9. St. Louis This. Outfit. I don’t think words can describe how in love I am with this outfit. The reddish-orange is a color I never thought I would love until I saw it on Styles. And when he put the boa on during the show, I think it’s safe to say I died a little inside. It is inevitable that, no matter what Styles’ wears, he knows how to make it look good. I look forward to seeing what he continues to wear throughout “Love on Tour”  and especially what he wears at both nights of “Harryween”.

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