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Guide to Eating on the Road Home for the Holidays

I don’t know about you, but I love to travel. Starting my sophomore year in high school I would make the long trip from Central Florida up to DC at least once a year, which is how I was initially drawn to and fell in love with Mason. Now a days, at least two weekends a month, you can find me in some other state anywhere on the east coast (Part of that is due to being on the debate team, I should just tattoo nerd on my forehead
right?) However, as the holidays draw closer college students everywhere are starting to pack up their dorms and get ready to go home for the holidays. While traveling is exciting, it can also be very hard to find good food on the road and in an airport. Here are some easy places to find on your travels that will give you fuel for the road.

AppleBee’s – Stopping at a sit in restaurant can give you a break from the car and enjoy a hot meal.  AppleBee’s has a menu with meals under 550 calories. Try the Grilled Shrimp and Wild Rice.  

SubWay- 5 dollar foot long? Heck yes! Cheap and always a good option for you. A turkey and black forest ham with swiss and all the veggies you want is 560 calories. Eat half for lunch and save the other half for dinner to save a pit stop along the way.

Chipotle-. Burrito bowls. tacos, chips and salsa.  Beans, and rice will fill you up with small portions. Load up on rice, black beans, grilled chicken, corn, lettuce and salsa. Hold off on the sour cream and get guacamole instead.

Thai Food- Driving you are almost guaranteed to pass a Thai or other oriental restaurant, no this does not include greasy noodles in a white takeout box.  Get Pad Thai with tofu and for a treat get sticky rice and
mango. It is to die for I promise you will not be disappointed.

Another great option is to bring plenty of snacks with you. Pack a cooler with fruits, string cheese, nuts, low fat cookies,  Jell-o, crackers, and bagels.

Try to avoid fast food at all cost. It will make you feels sluggish and groggy, which can affect your driving and how you feel.. It only makes your travel time move slower.

Traveling is awesome and you should enjoy every minute of it. Keep these healthy tips in mind to keep off the extra pounds that come from traveling!

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