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George Mason Senior Bucket List

Within the hustle and bustle of returning textbooks for the last time and feeling a sense of satisfaction when you are finally handed your course evaluations during your class meeting, there are many other hidden treasures to experience one last time at George Mason University. While you may live in the area with your friends or roommates, you won’t be in the heart of the Fairfax campus for much longer.

1. Visit the George Mason statue one last time

It didn’t happen if you didn’t take a pic, preferrably in your cap and gown with a clever caption. While you’re at it, give Georgie’s toe a rub for good luck in all of your future endeavors.

2. Plan your last on-campus meal

We’ve seen lot of dining options come and go (La Pat, Original Burger, and Pilot House to name a few). But on-campus restaurants are definitely an experience of their own. Perhaps a final lunch on the outdoor deck of Southside for nostalgic purposes and freshman vibes will do the trick.

3. Spend some time at Mason Pond

The Mason Pond is a treasure that often gets overlooked. Many of us wished we’d spent just a little more time there. Of course, most of probably took a trip there as freshmen at some point and tried to open the door to the shed in the hope we’d find something scary or glorious.

3. Meet the student(s) currently occupying your first room

If you live on campus your freshman year, it’s a given that your dorm room has some crazy memories to say the least. One of the most satisfying things you can do as a graduating senior is to visit your first residence hall and -if, some eager freshmen decide to let you into the building – take a peek at what your room has become.

4. Participate in your last Green and Gold Friday

As the semesters and years have gone on, it has become a lot less likely that we consciously don our green and gold t-shirts on any given Friday (probably because by now none of us have any Friday classes). But it is definitely a little tradition that will be notably missed. We’ve definitely racked up our fair share of free t-shirts over the years, or maybe you can land your final spirit violation coupon to go purchase some GMU gear.  

During your time at Mason, you’re sure to have experienced a lot of “firsts.” Taking the time to cherish and enjoy your “lasts” are just as important. What better way to actively say goodbye to all of the aspects that made this place our home?

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Cierra Bundy

George Mason University

Cierra is a senior at George Mason University majoring in psychology. Other than working for Her Campus, Cierra is involved in Active Minds and is an enthusiastic sports fan. Although originally from Florida, Cierra has grown up mostly in a small town in the Shenandoah Valley. In her free time, Cierra loves finding new music, reading, writing, and trying new workouts.
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