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George Mason Opinions: Where to Workout

More often than not, someone at a party will approach me saying, “I always see you at the gym,” or “You’re the girl who is always on the elliptical!” It hit a new level when recently two guys were going around a party calling me “Elliptical Girl.” I wasn’t sure if I should be embarrassed or flattered, but my point is that you should trust me when it comes to information about Mason’s gyms. Whether it’s anything from which gym has the best equipment to the cutest guys, I’ve scoped it them out just for us ladies.

The Aquatic Center:
I base which gym I go to on proximity. I’m not about to hike in the freezing cold to my favorite gym (or anywhere for that matter) just to burn some calories. I lived in Presidents’ Park freshmen year, so I went to the Aquatic Center because of the convenience. A pro of this gym is that each cardio machine has its own TV, so whether you’re on the bike, elliptical, treadmill, etc. you can tune into your favorite show. I’ve learned that even though my ipod pumps me up for my workout more, TV shows definitely make the time fly. My favorite show to watch N.C.I.S.: S.V.U.; I would normally never watch it, but its interesting cases keep my mind off the burning in my legs and the machine’s stopwatch. Something I don’t like about the Aquatic Center is that the machines are all downstairs. Because they aren’t right in front of me, like they are at Skyline, I am not as likely to do them. The downstairs is filled with guys, which just makes me uncomfortable (I don’t like being watched while I work out!). Another pro is that the group classes (like Cardio Kickboxing and Zumba) are in this gym, so attending a class and doing some machines after is made easy.

This year, my main gym is Skyline, and I’m not complaining. In a way, this is my favorite gym. It is the smallest, but this means all of the equipment is not far apart. I love the small area that I can do an ab workout or some free weights. There are TVs hanging from the ceiling for you to watch while riding a bike or elliptical (ask a gym attendant if you want to change the channel on one). The treadmills face the windows, so you have to find your entertainment from your music or from stalking people down below. The ellipticals and bikes overlook the machines. A pro of this placement is that you can easily walk over and work on your triceps without making a spectacle of yourself, like when you descend the stairs at the Aquatic Center. A con of this arrangement is that the guys on the machines always, let me repeat: always, think you are watching them work out resulting in awkward eye contact. I am sorry that I’m caught up in the most recent episode of Pretty Little Liars and that it seems I’m watching you work your biceps while you make weird grunting noises. But trust me, I’m not watching you. I do like to people watch occasionally, which Skyline is definitely good for.

The RAC:
I’m sure you’re wondering where in the article I’m going to tell you which gym has the hottest guys. Well, most cute guys work out, so you’re sure to find at least one at any of the gyms; but at the RAC, I have definitely seen the most stare-worthy (without looking creepy of course) guys. My guy friends, who are serious about working out, tell me that they wouldn’t go anywhere but the RAC because of their variety of equipment and amount of space it has. The weight machines are on the bottom floor and the cardio machines are on the second floor. The second floor also has a big space where you can use bosu balls, free weights, mats, and do abs-related activities. The reason I rarely work out at the RAC is because of the location, even though I’m sure it would be my favorite gym by far, because of how spaced out it is and because of the equipment variety. An idea for the spring is going on a warm-up run around Patriot Circle, stopping at the RAC for a workout, and doing a cool-down jog back to your dorm. 

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