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Gems on Summer Walkers’ New Album ‘Still Over It’

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at George Mason University chapter.

The long-awaited album from Summer Walker titled “Still Over It” has arrived. The release of this new album became a number one discussion amongst people on Twitter. The reactions from this album were an interesting observation. Men seemed irritable with the reaction of women expressing their love for the album. Women quickly retaliated by pointing out that it is never a topic of discussion when expressing their love for one of their favorite musical artists releasing a project.

Through “Still Over It,” Walker tells her story about her love life with well-known producer London on the track. This project starts with the song Bitter featuring rapper Cardi B ending with Ciara’s Prayer with no other than Ciara reciting her prayer to close the album. This album does an excellent job of executing the message of finally understanding your worth. Even though this album is from a perspective of Summer Walker’s heartbreak does not mean you need to share similar experiences as the artist to enjoy the body of work.

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It has been said by some that the album was not something they could feel with the exception of being in a healthy relationship. When listening to “Still Over It,” try giving it a listen without personal bias and for the sake of the music. Albums should always be listened to more than once to truly enjoy, dislike, and even dissect the artist’s hard work they put out to create it. With that in mind, I’m here to share a few gems from the album I have been keeping in a loop.

“Unloyal” ft Ari Lennox

If you enjoy the smooth sound of jazz, Summer Walker’s “Unloyal” is the song for you! The sounds of a live band mixed with harmonies from Summer Walker and Ari Lennox is genius. This is truly a song you’re going to have to play more than once and can easily go on a playlist you study to.


“God bless me, God help me, I think I’m insane,” is a common phrase people say aloud that the singer executes in this song effortlessly. Being head over heels for someone to point you to find yourself on the edge of insanity from changed behavior is never a good feeling. From a surface-level perspective, this upbeat song has been on a loop from the stress that comes with the fall semester coming to an end.  With the number of assignments, I too feel like Summer Walker when she sings, “I think I’m insane.”

“You Don’t Know Me”

This is one of Summer’s slower songs that at first listen feels very sad. “You don’t know me like I know you,” is a great song about reflection. Whether it may be a romantic or a platonic relationship Walker does an excellent job conveying hurt that comes when you come to a realization you care a little bit more than that other person does about you. The sound of the acoustic guitar is a nice touch for this slow song.

Hope you all enjoy “Still Over It” as much as I did, happy listening!

Jalyn Green

George Mason University '22

Jalyn Green is a senior at George Mason University currently studying Communication with a minor in Film. She is a Philly native who enjoys spending time with friends, family, and dogs. She is also very passionate about music and fashion and hopes to become a creative director in the future.