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Fashion Trends I Don’t Understand

Trends come and go, but some need to just go. Whether it’s an unflattering look or just senseless style, there are some fashion trends that need to meet their early grave in the sale section of Forever 21.

Leggings as Pants

I’ll be the first to admit that leggings are incredibly comfortable. They’re the perfect bottoms for lounging around, or layered under long sweaters that cover your bum. But they are NOT pants. Leggings are not a suitable replacement for jeans. They are super unflattering, let everything hang out, and they aren’t even warm.

Suitable alternative: Ponte Pants

Ponte is a type of material that is double lined, and wrinkle resistant. Ponte pants are thicker than normal leggings, but still give that sleek, streamlined look. They hold everything in, but are still more comfortable than jeans. Plus, they’re super versatile. Wear them with a chunky sweater and boots for a casual outfit, or with a sexy tank for a night out. Some even have cool details like faux leather panels and zipper ankles.

Sneaker Wedges

I’m just going to say what everyone is thinking: Sneaker wedges are the ugly cousin to the sneaker stilettos that were popular in the early 2000’s. When has adding a heel to an athletic shoe ever been a good idea? The answer is never. Logic might tell you “sneakers are comfortable. Wedges are comfortable. Therefore, sneaker wedges are comfortable.” But if Crocs have taught us anything, is that comfort doesn’t always translate into an attractive shoe.

Suitable Alternative: Lace-up Wedge Booties

Replace those Velcro-strapped sneaker wedges for some sophisticated lace-up wedge booties. Just as comfortable as sneaker wedges, but they’re actually appropriate for every occasion. They look perfect with skinny jeans and a peplum top for day-time wear, but can be dressed up with tights and a mini skirt or dress.

Crop Tops and Low-rise Pants

Speaking of early 2000’s trends that sucked; showing your entire midriff. Low-rise jeans are some of the least flattering pants because they cut-off right at the widest point of your body. Add that with a crop top, and you’ve got a recipe for disaster (and a muffin-top). I’m sorry ladies, but Britney Spears only got away with this look back in 2002 because she had abs– and, oh yeah, she is a goddess.

Suitable Alternative: Crop Tops and High-Waisted Bottoms

The reason why crop tops have become a mainstay in fashion is because they look great with high-waisted bottoms. When worn with high-waisted denim cutoffs or maxi skirt, crop tops show just a sliver of tummy at the smallest part of your body. The overall look is slimming and sexy, without revealing too much.


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