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If current clothing trends have shown us anything, it’s the fact that we may already have everything we need in our closet to be “trendy” and “stylish” for the spring season. As you maneuver through your closet to figure out what’s fashionable and what’s not, you can use this list for inspiration on how to buy new items or transform old pieces tucked away in your closet.

1. everything y2k

Y2K style refers to the fashion trends that were prominent from the 90s to the mid-2000s. This style made a comeback in the latter part of 2021 and has become a praised craze all over social media. Certain features of Y2K include wide-leg jeans, baby tees, mini skirts and bandanas. A token Y2K outfit includes pairing a mini skirt with a colorful tie-front top and a vintage bag such as a Coach or Juicy Couture shoulder bag to match.

2. colors

Colors go hand in hand with Y2K-inspired outfits. However, color is just as prominent within more modern outfits as well. One of the most important things for individuals to know is the color combinations to avoid and which to embrace; playing with color can be a nice change for those who tend to stick to black, white, gray, or neutral tones. Tangerine orange, lime green, bubblegum pink, lemon yellow, lavender purple and navy blue are just a few that go well with each other. Whether it’s wearing different shades of one of these colors or matching multiple together, color is a great way to express yourself through what you wear.

3. playful jewelry

The topic of jewelry tends to be avoided due to the constant argument over whether silver or gold is better. However, in recent months, an increasing desire for more playful accessories has become embraced by silver and gold jewelry wearers alike. A few examples of such accessories include this smiley face pearl bracelet, this fruit-inspired necklace, or belly chains like this one! Beaded jewelry has become a more playful, fun item to rock with your outfits and because of its multicolored nature, can match and complement any color or tone of dress you wear it with.

4. button-down shirts

A simple button-down can make an outfit more casual or dressy depending on how it’s styled. An extremely oversized button-down can work well with a blazer as a dress, or you can pair it with patterned, tight-fitting pants for a quirkier look. Layering a button-down not only adds character but can keep you warm for cooler nights during the spring season. With the variety of button-downs available on the market regarding length, fit and color, the possibilities for styling them are endless! Other pairings for a button-down shirt include wearing a corset with it, french tucking it into wide-leg jeans or pairing it with a skirt of your choice.

As we try to stay up to date with every new trend, craze and styling technique, the possibilities for what’s considered fashionable are endless. Although this list names four current trends, there are plenty more not listed that are also being praised on social media worldwide. Whether you prefer to follow trends or not, your personal style and what makes you happy are the most important things to embrace.

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