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Don’t Let Others Take Advantage of your Kindness

To be kind to one another is the most simplistic thing that some humans seem to struggle with. It is promoted more than ever to be kind to others keeping in mind that everyone is dealing with something we know absolutely nothing about. You never know what words could cause someone to their breaking point. Not to sound like that parent, but it’s that easy; if you have nothing nice to say don’t say it at all. Truly believe the world would be a better place if everyone was kind to each other, doesn’t sound like rocket science right?

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Have you ever found yourself being overly kind to the point you feel taken advantage of? Trust me you are not alone with those feelings, if you allow it people will continue to take advantage. Yes, it is important to treat others with kindness but once people start taking advantage of that is a different story. There are many evil people in this world and for someone to take advantage of the little bit of light you’re sharing can sting. Sometimes in life we disregard the little things people do to us because we think the situation isn’t a big deal when deep down it bothers us. To avoid confrontation, you may constantly disregard little problems which eventually, always turns into a big one. You’re human, we all have limits.

Life is not about give and take, but do not allow others to walk over you. Snoh Aalegra said it best, “time never mattered.” Yes that may hurt to hear but time is simply a measurement of existence. You only have one life and you deserve to be treated as you please. Always know your worth and never let someone devalue that. There are billions of people in this world that would be more than happy to treat you in ways you believe you deserve.

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I say these words regarding platonic and romantic relationships. As repetitive as it may sound, dimming your light for someone else's happiness should never be the case. I usually don’t influence being selfish but when it comes to yourself sometimes it’s needed. Why not be selfish with your kindness? That doesn't mean unnecessarily being nasty and standoffish to people; it means being careful with who you’re taking the extra mile with. Sometimes in life, it takes walking away for someone for them to fully understand what they had. The decision to return holds no judgment but please be aware of the patterns that sent you away the first time and be prepared to possibly go through the same thing again. 

It doesn’t take a lot to be kind to people. Kindness can be as small as being an open ear for someone when they need it most. Your presence alone should speak volumes that you care for someone and if that same presence isn’t received it might be time to take a step back. Nothing like putting more out than you receive results in nothing but exhaustion. With that remember to always remain kind to one another but be aware of those taking advantage of your kindness. People suck at times but it's nothing to disassociate oneself from those who are dimming your light. Remember that you always comes first! I wish you all good luck with finals and hope you all have a  happy holiday.

Jalyn Green

George Mason University '22

Jalyn Green is a senior at George Mason University currently studying Communication with a minor in Film. She is a Philly native who enjoys spending time with friends, family, and dogs. She is also very passionate about music and fashion and hopes to become a creative director in the future.
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