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Current Events: What You May Have Missed

Update on the GOP
Front -runner Herman Cain has found himself in a compromising position after three female employees admitted to ‘sexually suggestive’ behavior from Mr. Cain in the ‘90s on three different accounts. Cain defends one account, where he states that he compared a height of a female employee to his wife. The second account of sexual harassment, however, he denies any knowledge of. The third account surfaced most recently and was claimed by the woman to have occurred during Herman Cain’s time as the head of a restaurant lobby group. Cain has explained that the accusations are being made in a crude attempt to ruin his campaign; he maintains that the allegations will not affect his campaign in any way.  

A Brave Threat
A Mexican based hacking group from Veracruz,  “Anonymous” has released a short video directed to los Zetas drug cartel, the most violent drug cartel in Mexico. The video was motivated after a member of the international hacking movement from the same organization was kidnapped by los Zetas. The kidnapping has inspired a group to stand up
to this cartel that has created fear among the Mexican population for years, holding almost more power and influence through fear than the government. The speaker in the video wears a theatre mask, a trademark of the “Anonymous” group. The hacking organization is dedicated to fighting back to the violent drug war with intelligence as opposed to weapons. “Anonymous” calls on the Mexican government to take action, the group has hacked into the bank details and statements of any cartel supporters to gain ammunition in the form of information against these powerful cartels. The video eludes to viewers that they have knowledge of who and where supporters are. Los Zetas is known for its paramilitary attacks, illegal drug trade, kidnapping and extortion.

Spooky Shootings in the District
Six people were shot in various areas in the District of Colombia on Monday night, October 31st. A Georgetown shooting occurred on M street at about 11pm and according to news sources was determined to be a drive by shooting. The victim was hospitalized in critical condition. On Georgia Avenue, two teenagers were shot and wounded earlier in the evening. Another shooting occurred on 9th avenue and Crittenden Street at 9pm the same evening, but all three earlier victims did not suffer any life threatening injuries. Finally, a sixth victim was ‘grazed’ by a bullet by the Metro Red Line in Northwest Washington D.C. The shootings were not involved in any way with one another, according to law enforcement.

Referendum Initiates Euro zone Panic
President Nikolas Sarkozy and Chancellor Angela Merkel have suspended the Greek bailout fund projected to repair the European debt resolution last week after Prime Minister George Papandreou declared a referendum, asking the Greek people to vote on accepting the terms of the bailout. After talks between Greece, France and Germany, leaders have determined that the referendum will ultimately decide if Greece remains in the Euro. This referendum has initiated panic throughout European markets, while polls have indicated that Greeks are against the austerity plan.

Human Rights and China
Nine women and one man’s self immolation in Sichuan, near Tibet has urged International lawmakers to discuss human rights violations in China. Darragh Paradiso, State
Department Spokeswoman for both East Asia and Pacific affairs has been quoted defending US concern over developments in the region: “”We again call on the Chinese government to respect the rights of all Chinese citizens … and particularly to respect the rights of Tibetans and to resolve the underlying grievances of China’s Tibetan population.”

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