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Changing the World with Creativity

As an immigrant, Andreea Bodea has had her fair share of big life changes. She made her way from Romania all the way to the United States in 2012, moving to Florida. Her freshman year of high school, she moved to Michigan. She has lived in a number of places in Europe and is used to hopping around from place to place, whether that be for a move, to visit family, or just to travel.   

“It was confusing to navigate western culture compared to what I had — to what I grew up around,” Bodea said. “The most difficult thing was adapting to change so quickly and figuring out where you stand.” 

Even though things were tough, Bodea possessed — and still possesses — something valuable to her and her situation: grit. She is one of the most determined, dedicated people I have ever known, and why I am proud to call her my friend. 

She is not one to brag, but Bodea is doing some amazing stuff. Now a sophomore at Michigan State University in Lansing, Michigan, Bodea is majoring in landscape architecture and is always working on a project. She uses her background as an artist not only for her studies, but utilizes such skills in her role as the graphic design director for MSU Relay for Life, which promotes fighting against cancer and organizing a community of support around those who are suffering. Bodea is also a member of the Spartan Sierra Club, a group dedicated to preserving the environment. She’s a sustainable sister, too. 

She has done all of this by communicating — fluently — in English, her second language (she also understands some German, Swedish and Spanish), and she makes it look easy. Maybe it is because schools in Europe stress learning languages other than your native tongue, according to Bodea. But it is clear that she has had to work hard in her life. Even through hardships, she is always grateful for what she has been able to do, and is excited for what will come next. 

“Figuring out what I want to do has been the most rewarding part of my journey,” Bodea said. Next time you hear of her, she might be out designing a new park or one of the many other things that landscape architects do. Basically, with her major and her career, she will be able to combine her passions for art and architecture with her dedication to protecting the environment. 

The day she became a U.S. citizen is the day I left home to come to Mason. I was sad that I could not be there to support my friend, but I tried to channel the strength she exhibits during that transition period; thinking of all the moving she has done and how much she has had to adapt inspired, and still inspires, me. Bodea uses the changes she has had in her life to make herself stronger — and to make herself a more well-rounded person. She has no idea how proud she has made those around her. She is a truly remarkable person. 

Maybe I am a little biased because she is my best friend, but she really is incredible. 

And if she doesn’t seem great/cool enough already, her name rhymes! It is pronounced “on-dray-uh bow-day-uh.” How amazing. 

Laura Scudder

George Mason University '22

Laura Scudder is a sophomore at George Mason University majoring in communication with a concentration in journalism. Originally from Chelsea, Michigan, Laura moved to Virginia to attend school at GMU to earn an education and connect with those in the DC metropolitan area. She works for George Mason's student newspaper, Fourth Estate, as a copy editor and is the president of George Mason's Society of Professional Journalists. She is beyond excited to be a writer and social media editor for Her Campus George Mason.
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