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Campus Cutie: Marko Gujanicic

Are you looking for your Serbian Prince? If so, you may be in luck because here at Mason you might actually find him. Well not literally, but close enough! You may see him walking through any crowd around campus or maybe you will see him on the court with our school’s basketball team. Mason’s newest campus cutie is Marko Gujanicic! … He’s 6’8” if you ladies are wondering!


Home place: Čačak, Serbia

Year: Senior

Major: Finance

Why attend Mason: It is a good school, it is close to D.C., has a good basketball program and since it is on the east coast, it’s closer to Europe.

Campus involvement: I am a power forward on George Mason’s basketball team.

Hidden talents: I can play Ping-Pong.

Languages: I can speak Serbian, English, and little Dutch.

Fun activities: Party, hang out with my friends, just socialize.

Celebrity crushes: My top five are Angelina Jolie, Zoe Saldana, Jennifer Lopez, Lucy Liu, and Nazanin Mandi.

Favorite Restaurant: In America, Chima, a Brazilian restaurant.

Most embarrassing moment: In high school, I was running in gym class, turned backwards, trying to show off, and ran into the volleyball net! I didn’t know whether to play it off, or just lay on the ground.



Halloween costume: This will be my first time dressing up, so I am not sure… something funny, yet scary.

Ideal girl: A girl who is outspoken, funny, and one who I can keep a conversation with, someone with different views.

Ideal date: Something spontaneous, not planned at all.

Turn offs: Girls who gossip and are conceited. The ones that want all the attention, all of the time.

Most prized possession: Family.


Best memories as Mason: Winning the basketball game against UVA my freshman year (2012) and being able to travel to different countries with my team.

Taken or single: Single

Quote: “Aut viam inveniam, aut faciam.” Translated: “I’m going to find my own way” or “I’m going to make it”.


Instagram: @markogujanicic

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