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Campus Cutie: Charlie Padial

This week’s campus cutie has a smile that could light up the room. He is easy-going and pretty charming. Meet Charles “Charlie” Padial! Read on to find out if you could be his “it” girl and if he’s single…

Born: Miami, Florida

Major: Finance

Year: Sophomore

Why Mason: I was recruited for golf, it has great academics, and I wanted to come north for golf and school.

Involvement: Brother of Sigma Alpha Epsilon (SAE) Fraternity and apart of the Mason Golf team.

Hidden talents: Pretty good at Ping-Pong and basketball.

Something on your bucket list: To go skydiving.

Free plane ticket to anywhere in the world: South Africa

Most embarrassing moment: Junior year of high school, there was emergency call boxes located around the school. I didn’t believe that they worked, so I pressed a button and alarms went off all around the school.

Celebrity Crushes: Megan Fox and Jennifer Aniston

Favorite song: Last Breath by Future

Favorite restaurant: Mr. Chow in Miami

Ideal girl: Funny, pretty eyes, outgoing, caring, humble, smart, and fit.

Ideal date: A nice dinner on the beach, just us two, with tiki torches surrounding our table.

Turn offs: A conceited girl, selfishness, someone who curses a lot.

What would you get your lady for Valentine’s Day: A giant teddy bear, box of chocolate, bouquet of roses, and a nice card.

Favorite quote: “It ain’t about how hard you hit, it’s about how hard you can get it, and keep moving forward.”- Rocky Balboa

Goals: I want to go as far as I can with golf and also own my own logistics business.

Proudest moment: Committing to Mason for golf.

Taken or single: Single

Fact: His parents are from Puerto Rico and he can speak fluently in Spanish!

Instagram: @charlie_padial

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