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Campus Celebrity: Tenia Mitchell

Tenia Mitchell, a Therapeutic Recreation major, is involved in quite a few things on campus and even now at the start of her junior year she is still finding more ways to connect with the community. While singing in everyone’s favorite pep band the Green Machine and lending her vocals to Anointed Vessels of Unity, Tenia has time to be a support staff member in the Mason LIFE program helping students with intellectual disabilities receive the support they need in their collegiate journeys. But that’s not all! Most recently, she is pledging to become of a brother of a co-ed service fraternity, Alpha Phi Omega.

What drew you to Alpha Phi Omega?: I have been searching for some type of family that will stay with me for years to come. Their founding principles of leadership, friendship, and service are three very important areas in my life.

What would tell the freshman version of Tenia?: Thank you. All those times you cried and wanted to quite only made you stronger. Look at us now!

We know you enjoy expressing yourself through music, any other passions?: Simply helping people. I believe that if you do unto others, God will do for you! I’ve always wanted to be in the health field because I always associated helping people with therapy or medicine.

Why Therapeutic Recreation as your major specifically?:  I was originally a pre-nursing major but considering I’m not a big fan of science I felt there was no need putting myself through that kind of torture. Therapeutic Recreation allows me to develop programs for people with or without disabilities to improve their health, wellbeing, and overall quality of life.

Favorite thing about Mason: The amazing people I’ve met so far. Without the friends and connections that I have developed, my college career would be boring (and annoying lol). I’m also grateful for the fact that there are so many things to be a part of!

Something people may not know about you: I tend to struggle with low self-esteem from time to time. It comes and goes but I hide it with a smile. It’s a growing process that I’m still getting through. 

Hidden Talents: Cooking and baking, although I’m not sure if it’s “hidden” since I like to post all my food on Snapchat!

You obviously have a big heart, what would you attribute it to?: I come from a family of people that also have big hearts. My family, I’d also have to say has been my biggest support since starting college. My parents and grandmother constantly remind me how proud they are of me & encourage me to stay strong.

As busy as she is, Tenia still greatly values her down time, which can be spent on Netflix trying to catch up on Grey’s Anatomy or possibly staring at some pictures of Drake, Michael B. Jordan, and Chris Brown. “Those guys are just…yeah.”


Photos courtesy of Tenia Mitchell

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