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Campus Celebrity: Marina Chafa

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at George Mason University chapter.

This week’s Campus Celebrity has one of the biggest hearts I know. When I first met Marina, I was blown away with how genuinely kind she is to every single person she comes into contact with. She came to Mason all the way from Massachusetts and is already making her mark here on campus by actively participating in three community service clubs. Plus, she cites Beyoncé as someone she aspires to be like, which we all know is one of the key qualities that a future leader should have.

Read on to find out more about Marina!

Name: Marina Chafa

Year: 2019

Where did you grow up?

I grew up in Quincy, Massachusetts, which is basically right next to Boston!

What made you want to come to Mason?

I really wanted to go to school in DC because I absolutely love the area! I toured various campuses in and around the city, but Mason was different . Of course, I fell in love with the campus itself, but what was so unique about Mason was how friendly and down to Earth the students were. When I was about to leave campus with my mom, we got lost (not surprising since the campus is huge!). Out of the blue, a student – not a Mason Ambassador, just a regular student on his way to class– came up to my mom and I and asked if we needed any help finding where we were going.  He then went out of his way to lead my mom and I to where we needed to be.  That was the moment when I realized that GMU was where I wanted to go to college!

What are you majoring in?

I am currently majoring in Conflict Analysis and Resolution.

Why did you choose Conflict Analysis and Resolution as your major?

I chose this major because I am very interested in peacefully resolving world issues. As a Conflict Analysis student, I get to engage in discussions about these issues daily. We look at different perspectives and analyze them, and then we discuss  ways to reach a solution. I am also interested in pursuing some sort of international concentration because I want to learn about more about human rights around the world. One day, I hope to apply these resolutions I learnt in college to help do some good in the world.

What are some clubs you are involve with on campus?

I am a part of Mason U, Scholars for Scholars, and UNICEF. I also work as an office assistant at the Undergrad School of Conflict Analysis.

Tell me more about Scholars for Scholars.

Scholar for Scholars is a program where GMU students travel off campus to help children from low income families in school. However, what’s awesome is that the program is not only focused on tutoring the child. Instead, we try our best to act as a support system for these students, like a mentor!

What is the best thing about volunteering at Mason?

Since I am only a freshman, I have only done a handful of volunteering.  However, volunteering is something that has always been very important to me, and something I plan on continuing for my next four years at Mason. What’s great about volunteering at Mason is that they have SO many great opportunities, ones that I wouldn’t have even heard of if I didn’t come here.  Also, a lot of these opportunities get so much positive feedback from people in the local community which allows me to show off how great the Mason Nation is!

Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

In ten years, I would like to have graduated from college and be out of the Peace Corps.  I will hopefully be finishing up law school studying to be an International Human Rights lawyer and getting ready to pursue a career.  On the side, I hope that in these next ten years, I will be able to travel around the world!  

Who do aspire to be like?

Beyoncé.  She’s flawless.

What has been your favorite memory at Mason so far?

Honestly, it would have to be all the fun I have had with my floor, Essex 1. We have movie nights, Just Dance contests, and even have late night study sessions together!




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