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Campus Celebrity: Mandeep Kaur

This weeks Campus Celebrity describes herself as determined, positive, and laid-back. But, in my eyes Mandeep Kaur embodies what every young lady should strive to be. She’s independent, hard-working, and plays a crucial role in the lives of everyone that has had the pleasure of meeting her. As a Sophomore here at George Mason, she has already started to make an impact on the campus and the people who call Mason home. From prospective students at orientation or on a tour, to current students in one of the many organizations she leads over, Mandeep is making GMU a better place with every day!




Baltimore, Maryland



Biology, with a Minor in Public Health


Campus Involvement:

Freshman and Sophomore year Leadership and Community Engagement Living Learning Community, Living Learning Committee (L2C2) member, Teachers Assistant for the LLC class, Patriot Leader, Mason Ambassador, Peer Health Educator for WAVES, Peer Student Success Coach, Events Coordinator for Pop-up Pantry, President for the South Asian Student Association, and Public Relations for The Sikh Student Association.


What sparked your involvement here on campus?

Seeing the opportunities, there’s so much to do on campus. Also, the joy you get when you make a slight difference in someone’s life. As a leader I have always wanted be personable, but also professional. 


What’s your favorite thing about being apart of the Mason Nation?

Just the appreciation of how diverse the student body is.


What’s been the most influential factor in your time at Mason as a leader?

It wasn’t really at Mason, but Sophomore year in high school my focus wasn’t in the right place. Once my grades came in, my parents were so disappointed and that was something I never wanted to do. I was apart of an Environmental Studies program at my high school and I knew if I kept getting bad grades I would get kicked out. So, I did something about it and I turned my life around. I ran for President the next year, and got it! There was a moment where my high school principal pulled me aside and said I had excelled more than any other student he’d seen. Then, at graduation the Superintendent of the County told me I was going to do great things. That’s when I knew that no matter what came my way here at Mason, I could take it on.  


What does being a leader mean to you?

I don’t want to lead you, but rather lead with you. I am here for the greater good, and to help other people.




Who’s your biggest hero?

I actually have three, my sister, mom, and dad. My sister because when we became to America she was only ten, so she had to learn how to provide for us. She’s always been there for me. My dad, because for him to come to America was just so brave. Also, he’s never suppressed me as an Indian woman. Then, my mom because showed me how to strive to be independent and to never rely on a man, or feel like my worth is aligned in him. She taught me that he should be afraid to leave you, not the other way around!



Best Advice to Freshman?

Don’t just sit in your dorm room, be a risk taker because you never know that one risk you take could be your calling in life. 


If you could only listen to one song for the rest of your life, what would it be?

Oh I have two, Hall of Fame by The Script and I Was Here by Beyoncé!


If you had the opportunity to tell everyone in the world one bit of advice what would you say?

Get educated, because no matter if it takes ten years or 20 years. Once you finish it you will be far more successful. Also, live in the moment, be expressive and don’t hid your feeling! Be true to your feelings, because life is short. So, never leave something left unsaid. 



A huge thank you, to Mandeep, as my first article written for Her Campus I couldn’t have imagined writing it for anyone more inspirational and hardworking — also, thanks for being an amazing floormate! 



Photos courtesy of Mandeep Kaur



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Katherine Quigley

George Mason University

A Freshmen here at George Mason University, Katherine is an Individualized Major with a concentration in Speech Language Pathology. Along with writing for Her Campus, she is is apart of Best Buddies and the Leadership and Community Engagment LLC on campus.
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