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Campus Celebrity: Hannah Sobczak

Meet Chi Omega sister and George Mason sophomore, Hannah Sobczak and find out what I learned about her this week!

Year: Sophomore

Major: Psychology

Hometown: Virginia Beach, Virginia

Favorite thing to do back home: Go to the beach with friends.

Organizations/clubs: Chi Omega and United to Heal

Favorite part about being in Chi Omega: Getting my perfect little!

Post-Graduation plans: Going to law school.

What type of law are you trying to get into? Family law

Favorite lace to eat: Coastal Flats

Favorite material item: My phone.

Favorite place to visit and why: Florida, because it is warm and sunny all the time.

If there was one place you could visit where would it be: Italy.

Favorite thing to do: I like reading and lying out in the sun.

Favorite place to shop: Forever21

Favorite animal and why: Puppies because they are puppies and are adorable.

Favorite thing about Mason? I love how pretty it looks in the fall. 

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Alexandra Connole

George Mason University

Chi Omega Fraternity member and Chipotle lover. 
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