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As a full-time college student with a part-time job, I deeply cherish deals and saving money on purchases as much as I am able to. My favorite part of the holiday is organizing my plan of action for the purchases I hope to make. Listed below are a few essential items and where to purchase them for Black Friday prices!

1. Airpods

AirPods are among the most popular earbuds in the industry for college students, so it’s no surprise they will be sought after on Black Friday! In October, Apple unveiled the first update to its popular AirPods Pro with a new version now including a MagSafe-enabled case allowing users an easier charging experience if they have Apple’s MagSafe charger. Although recently released, Amazon is now selling the newest AirPods Pro discounted by $60! Additionally, Target is including the second-generation of Apple AirPods in their Black Friday deals at $119.99 with military discounts and price matching available.

2. appliances

When you live in a college dorm, you can appreciate having your own fridge and microwave appliances separate from your roommate. Walmart is selling the perfect mini fridge for all food storage needs: the Galanz mini fridge, which retails for $79 on Black Friday. The second dorm room essential is a microwave! Fortunately, Best Buy carries a quality compact microwave for just $49.99 by Insignia. Another perk of ordering the microwave from Best Buy is the “Black Friday Prices Guaranteed” message which means you will receive a refund if the retail price for the appliance goes down on or before November 26, 2021, from what was originally paid.

3. backpacks

One of the accessories college students use the most is a backpack! ASOS is currently offering these at an amazingly discounted price through its online website from brands such as Nike, The North Face, and Adidas. Macy’s is also one of the department stores leading in its range of deals; currently, Macy’s specials include women’s backpacks. Likewise, Nordstrom is offering major holiday discounts for men’s backpacks.

4. Linen and laundry

Although this expense may not seem important, the overall cost for purchasing these items at full price can pile up exceedingly over time. My favorite time of the year to buy all of these items is during Black Friday versus the beginning of the school year. In a dorm, the majority of college students have to purchase their own sheets, towels, pillows, mattress pad, laundry hamper, etc. A perfect place to ensure all linen and laundry needs are taken care of for student housing is Bed Bath & Beyond!

Shopping at sales prices is the perfect way to avoid overpaying for items that are more of a “need” than a “want” for a person’s college career. Black Friday not only allows students to view deals online, but also offers the same advantage for in-person shopping to make sure things are exactly as advertised. Happy shopping this holiday season, and be sure to organize your plan of action for guaranteed efficiency and maximum discounts!

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