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Best Star Styles to Steal

“How do celebrities look so perfect, and what can I do to mimic their

style?” We’ve all thought about it and now it’s time to answer it. Emulating our

favorite celebrity’s styles can be a bit tedious if we don’t know where to

start. However, by picking out staple pieces from each celeb’s wardrobe,

we can dress just like them with an added touch of you.

Young celebrities live a life that is probably much different than

ours. The red carpet events, the premieres, fashion shows and roof-top

parties may not describe your life, but that doesn’t mean you can’t dress

the part.

Before learning how to mimic their style, you’d need to understand that

style isn’t just the way they dress or what clothing they wear. It’s an all-

around look from the way they wear their hair to the heels on their feet.

Let’s take fashion icon, Blake Lively. Known for her sultry look and

impeccable style, she’s been seen on the arm of Karl Lagerfeld at events

dressed head to toe in glam. Her long, blonde, voluptuous hair and light

make-up gives her that easy West Coast vibe with a look that ranges from

pretty Bohemian to Parisian-chic. To achieve her look, you’ll need some

basic items from her wardrobe: denim button-downs, flowy dresses

for during the day, a few elegant gowns for nighttime events, and one of

her staple summer pieces, a fedora.  

Selena Gomez is another college-aged celeb that is always dressed to perfection. Long,

brown tresses and subtle makeup help this brown-eyed beauty give off a fresh-faced

look without looking as if she’s trying. As for her wardrobe, Selena is casual yet cute,

sexy yet sweet. A few items from her closet include Converse sneakers (she has them in

practically every color), skinny jeans and hoodies and she’s usually seen wearing lots

of layers. Selena is also very big on accessories such as sunglasses and

clutches so to achieve her look, you can’t leave home without at least one

statement-making accessory. As for social events and parties, Selena is big on glitz and

glam so having at least one sparkly dress in your closet is a must.

(Source: Getty Images 2012)

Our last young celeb is Emma Watson. Anyone who has seen Emma can

guess the look she’s mostly known for: the pixie cut. One huge

tip in emulating Emma’s style is chopping your hair off and going for the

pixie cut. Sleek and chic, Emma’s style has evolved over the years into a

more refined, sophisticated look seen especially in her work for Burberry.

For casual outings, Emma chooses stripes and denim shorts, button-down

shirts in bold colors such as grays, blacks, creams, blues and reds. As for

special events and premieres, this starlet likes clean, polished looks ranging

from cocktail dresses to flowy gowns with feathery skirts. 

( Source: The New York Times “T” Style Magazine 2012)

Dressing like any celeb is easy as long as you pick out your favorite pieces from their

wardrobe and incorporate some of your own personal touch to it. Happy dressing! 

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