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Athleticism at its Finest: Alpha Omicron Pi Intramural Flag Football Team

Alpha Omicron Pi is proving to be a dominating force during the intramurals. Coming from a championship win with the softball, the women’s fraternity secured the All Campus Championship game showing that they are more than ready to tackle the overall win of All Sports Champions.
Although I may be a little biased because I participated on both of the championship teams, it is clear that all of the players have some type of talent helping them to succeed in their athleticism.
I sat down with some of the team to discuss the work, sweat, tears and spirit that went into winning the title of All Campus Champs for Flag Football.

Her Campus George Mason: What was it like playing on the team?
Meghan Schulze: I love playing AOII sports, but Flag Football is my absolute favorite. Being a senior, it is sad that it is my last year playing intramurals but I am so proud to have come this far with both of the teams. Playing on the flag football team was such a great experience. I think the team really used the competitiveness to come together and bond as not only a team, but a sisterhood too.
HC GMU: Were there any bumps in the road during the season?

Shannon Darling: There were a few minor bumps; however, we pulled through as an entire team to roll over the issues and successfully complete an undefeated season.
Ramin Movahed: I was not the coach in the beginning and was unsure as what to expect during the season. But when I saw the girls come together and pull through incredible wins, I know as a coach I was very proud. They all worked very hard and came out on top.
HC GMU: What is one thing you are most looking forward to during the rest of the sports during the intramural season?
Rebecca Grubb: Being Activities Chair for AOII the past year and seeing the two teams pull off championships has gotten me very excited to see how the rest of our teams do.
HC GMU: Do you think you all have what it takes to be All Sports Champions for intramurals?

Meghan Schulze: I think that AOII has exactly what it takes to be all sport champions. when we go out there, have fun, and do what we do best, there really doesn't seem anyone can get in our way no matter what sport we're playing.
HC GMU: Favorite memory during the flag football season?
Danielle Scott: My favorite memory would have to have been when we had our championship game against Alpha Phi. We all were pretty nervous, but it was so nice to have so many sisters there cheering us on in the cold.

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